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Best Christmas Party Ever (2014)

The best Christmas party ever is about to begin! Oh wait, it just did. Dozens of children literally trample in. There is just a cacophony of fake snow blowing everywhere, all over the trays of food carried by ballerinas and toy soldiers and even a mouse king. Have fun eating your pigs in a blanket with shredded plastic on top, kids.

Best Christmas Party Ever (2014)

They had this straight couple kissing at the end at the party and there were children everywhere! It just made me so incredibly uncomfortable to see straight people shoving their sexuality into the faces of children.

Jennie Stanton throws the best Christmas parties every year for her company, Petra's Parties. Things are a little different this year, as Petra is retiring and looks to the next generation to take over. Jennie thinks she has her new job in the bag, until Petra's charismatic nephew, Nick, shows up as "seasonal help" and his natural talent and confidence clashes with Jennie's stern work ethic and traditional values. The pair battle it out for the top job with unmistakable chemistry and symmetry, but when the new owners of the legendary Tyrell's Toys put the bottom line before Christmas spirit, threatening to pull the plug on Tyrell's Toys' annual Christmas party for the community, Jennie and Nick are forced to work together to throw the greatest Christmas party ever.

Jennie Stanton works at Petra's Parties and hosts the best Christmas parties every year. This year Petra decides to retire and leave the management of her company to the younger generation. Jennie thinks she'll be the new head until Petra's cousin Nick shows up. The two have very different personalities, but when the neighborhood's annual Christmas party threatens to be canceled, Jennie and Nick are forced to team up to keep the party going.

7 p.m. "Wishin' and Hopin'" LIFE (2014) Molly Ringwald, Wyatt Ralff. In 1964, a teacher and a Russian student ensure that Mouseketeer Annette Funicello's cousin has a Christmas he'll never forget.

11:02 p.m. "Wishin' and Hopin'" LIFE (2014) Molly Ringwald, Wyatt Ralff. In 1964, a teacher and a Russian student ensure that Mouseketeer Annette Funicello's cousin has a Christmas he'll never forget.

Almost everyone that I know has a decided opinion on the ward Christmas party. I have discovered that what constitutes an ideal party varies so widely that it is absolutely impossible that everyone would be pleased. Last week the woman who has been asked to organize ours called me. She asked if I would be willing to put together a program for before the dinner, because she likes to have everyone gathered and busy in the chapel while food is set out and organized. She feels it brings the Spirit, and she hates it when dinner is interrupted for singing songs or other things.

That does sound fun! I think the ward christmas party is the opportunity for collective silliness and mirth. Ideally we should be cultivating spiritual moments at church and in other activities. To me it is less important (and also fairly improbable) that the ward party will be a sacred spiritual feast. So embrace it, enjoy fellowship and laughter!

My ward has opted for the Saturday brunch this year, and for once, I am looking forward to it. Last year bad weather prevented the evening event so they used the food for a brunch, and now it might be a tradition. The ward will provide pancakes and bacon, everyone else signed up for fruit, egg dishes, or bready things. Kids can come in their pjs, there will be an ugly sweater competition, Santa, nativity play. I like the casual sound of the plan and love the fact that it will be over by noon and no one has to drive on a dark and stormy night.In past years someone thought we should have Christmas in Zarahemla or something like that requiring us all to wear costumes and sit on the floor and eat pita in tents. I skipped that one. I also skip ones demanding we sit reverently in the chapel and listen to sermons. What kind of party is that?

As a child, DeVitto spent a lot of time touring with her parents.[6] She described her childhood to CVLUX magazine by saying: "We spent every Thanksgiving at Billy Joel's house. I grew up with his daughter, Alexa; it was a lot of warm, happy memories."[7] Her mother Mary had been Stevie Nicks's best friend since the late 1970s and met Liberty when he was the drummer on Stevie's Wild Heart Tour. On the day of her birth, Joel was performing at the Wembley Arena and made a special note before beginning "The Longest Time" that DeVitto's wife was having a baby, causing a standing ovation for DeVitto, who was playing the drums at the concert. She was named Torrey after her mother's maiden name. She has two sisters, Devon and Maryelle. Her sister Maryelle was in the TV series Endurance. 041b061a72


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