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Move Anything World Of Warcraft

The company said the move was an effort to eliminate spam and anonymous attacks on users by other, undesirable users, often referred to as "trolls." The new system will also be applied to other Activision/Blizzard games, including Diablo and the hugely popular World of Warcraft, which has more than 11 million players worldwide.

move anything world of warcraft

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Critics of virtual reality have spoken about their concerns that the human race could be heading to a situation where The Matrix might morph from science-fiction popcorn entertainment, into a startlingly accurate prediction of our future. The idea that people might lose themselves, Inception-style, in artificial realities might seem unlikely but the potentially addictive feeling of being somewhere more interesting than the real world has precedence and is very much a talking point as we move forward technologically.

Many articles I worked on have been deleted now, and it almost seems like any WoW-related article aside from the main article itself is doomed for deletion. While many of them may have been justified (in fact a few of them I nominated for deletion myself) it makes it seem like there's little point in expending effort on improving WoW articles right now, unless it's to specifically gather sources and/or establish solid real-world notability before you do anything else in the article. I've been working on just the main article itself, seeing if it can possibly get to Featured Article status. I doubt I'm alone in these sentiments which might be why this WikiProject appears inactive. -- Atamasama 22:51, 5 December 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply] 350c69d7ab


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