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McCurry took Gula's photo at the Nasir Bagh refugee camp in 1984 and her image went on to become the cover of National Geographic magazine the following year. Two decades later McCurry managed to locate Gula when he took her photograph again. She is now aged 49.

Steve McCurry said he is “grateful for the humanitarian gesture of the Italian government, the operational excellence of Future Brilliance, and the generous financial support of Metagood.”

“This was the most incredible news to receive on Thanksgiving Day,” said Bonnie McCurry, Steve's sister who was involved in the operation. “It is truly a godsend; this rescue mission has been judi slot online a group effort from the start. It’s a dream come true. Sharbat is incredibly grateful to the Italian people, and we are all deeply grateful to the Italian government for their support and generosity.”

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