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The perfect diary lip gloss of Velvet Lip Glaze

Abstract: Is the velvet lip glaze of the perfect diary stained with the cup? I went out on a date, put on beautiful makeup, and painted my favorite perfect diary velvet lip glaze. Then the question is, will the perfect diary velvet lip glaze get stained with a cup? Next, let's take a look.

1. Is the perfect diary velvet lip glaze stained with the cup

Clean the dead skin on the lips, moisturize them with lipstick, and then absorb the excess oil with a paper towel. After the lip care, use concealer to make the lip edge concealer disappear. Then use a lip liner pen to draw a lip liner to fix the edge, prevent lipstick from flowing out, and improve the asymmetric and plump lip shape. After the lip line is drawn, use lipstick to fill the central part, and spread it out from the center. Brush lipstick with a flat head lip brush, place it on the lip and slide it to create a smooth line. Finally, hold the paper towel with your lips and separate the lip color oil from the inner ring, which can improve the stability of lipstick and prevent sticking teeth to the cup.

2. How long can lip glaze be stored without opening

The shelf life of lip glaze without opening is generally three years.

The shelf life of lip glaze will change after opening. It is best to use it up within one and a half years after opening. It is best to keep lip glaze in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight. The production date and shelf life of different lip glazes are different. Even if it is not used, it will expire. To see whether the lip glaze has expired, first of all, it can be distinguished from the taste. The pungent smell is that it has deteriorated and expired. The texture and color of the lip glaze can also be used to determine whether it has expired. Expired lip glaze will cause the lip to decay and damage the body.



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