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Global chemical manufacturers use Microsoft Power Platform and AI Builder to streamline sales processes

Global chemical company Hexion has been manufacturing specialty chemical and performance materials for more than a century. The chemical company is committed to safe manufacturing, community involvement, and making the world better, safer, and cleaner through "responsible chemistry." Hexion uses the Microsoft Power Platform to simplify and automate core business processes while helping to solve today's most pressing problems and create a better future.

Echemi -- The name originated from the abbreviation of “E-commerce of chemical”. Echemi is a chemical supply chain service chemical company headquartered in Hong Kong, providing chemical raw materials supply, research and analysis, marketing, distribution, logistics, and E-commerce.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Hexion helps solve today's most pressing problems to shape the future in several ways, such as creating innovative materials for use in the wind energy industry, making cars lighter, and using water-based paints to reduce solvent emissions. The chemical company calls this method responsible chemistry.

As an innovator in the industry, Hexion is also interested in improving its business processes. The chemical company's IT team recently began using the Microsoft Power Platform to simplify and automate its core business processes. The chemical company has built several Microsoft Power Apps solutions within its Microsoft 365 environment, And recently expanded adoption of the Microsoft business application portfolio through Microsoft Dynamics 365 and updated features in the Microsoft Power Platform, such as AI Builder. Using Power Apps and AI Builder, Hexion's salespeople can now easily scan business cards and capture lead customer details directly into public data services. In addition, the chemical company has been using the Canvas app and more than 80 Microsoft Power Automate processes for more than a year. Dennis Ryan, Hexion Senior Vice President, and Chief Information Officer said: "This initiative is a great example of leveraging our existing technology investments in Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, as well as the power of automation and artificial intelligence, to find new ways to bring high value to businesses through low-cost solutions."

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