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Spiderman 3 The Game All Cutscenes !EXCLUSIVE!

In some games, a cutscene is little more than something to move the plot along or give some exposition quickly. This doesn't mean that they can't be well done though, and some games put a lot of work into their cutscenes.

Spiderman 3 The Game All Cutscenes

Many times cutscenes are the best opportunities for games to showcase their sense of humor. Whether they feature some clever dialogue, slapstick comedy, or just one great punchline, these are some of the funniest cutscenes to ever grace consoles.

When he discovers the final hostage tied to a bomb, Spider-Man must quickly leap into action to save her. However, if players fail the quick-time event, Spider-Man will simply face plant onto the floor, leaving the hostage to get out one final "I'm going to die", before the whole room explodes. It is a rare example of a section actually worth failing just for the game over.

Tiny Tina very quickly became a fan favorite character in Borderlands with her off kilter personality and wicked sense of humor, so fans were excited when she starred in her own spinoff DLC, Tiny Tina's Assault On Dragon Keep. The DLC centers on several of the game's characters playing their universe's version of Dungeons and Dragons.

The introduction to this game plays out as most would probably expect, with no one really having any clue how the game works and Tina barely holding it together herself. The scene is full of the series' trademark humor, and moments like Brick naming his player character Brick and everyone telling Mordecai to shut up will keep players entertained for sure.

Mass Effect Andromeda may not have been nearly the game that its predecessors were, but it did have some truly great moments that many fans believe make it worth replaying. The lead cast had some great back and forth, and it all culminates in a movie night between the crew towards the end of the game.

The movie night is a funny, feel-good sequence where the crew makes fun of the movie they are watching, playfully rib each other, and reenact scenes as outlandishly as possible. One of the dialogue choices is arguably even one of the best lines in the game. It may not be slapstick hilarious, but it is a very funny scene.

Sometimes a funny moment is even funnier when it happens to be in a game not particularly known for its humor. This is the case in this scene from Prototype 2, where new protagonist James Heller shows just how much he hates technology.

Early in the game, Heller must break into a secure lab to access their computers, with the help of his associate Father Guerra. Heller wastes no time in listening for what to do and immediately starts hitting random keys while an exasperated Guerra tries to help. Somehow, Heller manages to get what he is after, but not before a laughable, expletive-filled back and forth with Guerra about the basic operation of the computer.

Armed and Dangerous is a sadly forgotten game that has maintained a following due to its absolutely madcap humor. The entire game is a bizarre roller coaster full of hilarious moments and witty banter, but the highlight is when the heroes have to save an NPC's sacred lamb.

Picking one funniest scene in Psychonauts is a difficult job. The entire game is full of great jokes and amusingly weird characters, but one of the best jokes in the game is also one of the simplest. Early on in the game, protagonist Raz finds another character messing with an acorn.

Just about every cutscene in cult classic Timesplitters: Future Perfect is pure comedy gold, especially any of the times lead character Cortez meets his future self, but the best one of all occurs when the game's villain Jacob Crow meets his future self.

As it often does, a few drinks soon turn into many and the two cowboys end up in a riotous night of debauchery. Most of the section is even playable but is interspersed with cutscenes showing Arthur dancing in a chorus line, drunkenly walking in on an amorous couple, engaging in a slap fight with Lenny, and other crazy things. For many, this was the mission that made them fall in love with the characters.

Jacob Wallin is a List Author for Screen Rant. He has been writing for the site since November 2021, and has published lists on everything awesome licensed video games, to criminally overlooked acting performances, to the future of King of the Hill. Jacob grew up in Texas on a steady diet of movies and video games, and with a just barely healthy obsession with Star Wars and everything Sci-Fi. Jacob graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Media Arts, and has since worked on many different short films, feature films, and television shows as both cast and crew. He is also a screenwriter, having written for television, feature films, and stage productions. He is a professional movie buff who has an obscure reference for any occasion and will never stop talking about how great Mad Max Fury Road was.

Originally we might seen female punks in Apocalypse gang (renders from official strategy guide could be found in Prerelease Info page), but in release version Treyarch deleted them from the game. But we also could notice female punk thugs in PSP/PS2 versions of this game.

Black Cat was planned to be a character in the game, with Sparta mercenaries as the main thugs and a combat mech as the main boss. An unused demo soundtrack is present as soundtrack_blackcat.xessb.

"I'm Going To Die" Spider-man 3 QTE refers to an infamous cutscene in the video game Spider-man 3 that occurs when the player fails to execute a series of quick-time events (QTEs) necessary to save a woman strapped to a bomb in a burning building. If the player fails the QTEs, Spider-man faceplants and the woman whimpers "I'm going to die" before the building explodes. The moment has been celebrated and parodied for its unintentional comedy on YouTube.

The Spider-man 3 video game released on May 4th, 2007 for most major gaming systems available at the time.[1] Early in the game, the player is tasked with rescuing a woman strapped to a bomb in the burning building. When the player approaches the woman, they must complete a series of quick-time events in order to save her. If they fail, a cutscene plays where Spider-man faceplants and the woman mutters "I'm going to die" before the building explodes. On November 3rd, 2012, YouTuber Thatdoodleable posted the clip, gaining over 6 million views in eight years (shown below).

There's still plenty to sink your teeth into though, with a meaty main story just the start of things you can do around Manhattan. Here on this page, you'll find our light Spider-Man walkthrough, which quickly runs through all of the main story missions, as well as links out to specifically challenging ones, and a general Spider-Man guide to how the game world works - and how you can get the most out of it as you wall crall and web sling your way around town.

While the game offers the option to replay most of the missions using the black suit, there is no actual New Game Plus option. If you want to play the game with all upgrades, you can use a modified save file.

Just in time for the release of the 2007 film, a video game adaptation of Spider-Man 3 came out, being developed once again by Treyarch Studios and published by Activision. While the game follows the most basic elements of the film's plot, it eliminates virtually all of its sub-plots in favor of some different sub-plots that feature several antagonists from the comics as well as some all-new ones.

The villain line-up varies across game platforms. While all platforms feature the main film villains as well as the Lizard, Kraven the Hunter and Luke Carlyle (who here is portrayed as a Mad Bomber), only the PS3/360/PC versions of the game include Scorpion, Rhino, and the Kingpin; and likewise, only the PS2/Wii/PSP versions include Shriek and Morbius.

In addition to the supervillains, a few of the game's sub-plots also revolve around several gangs in the city; them being the punk-filled Apocalypse gang, the ninja clan-inspired Dragon Tail, the PS2/Wii exclusive Wasteland gang, and lastly, for the PS3/360/PC versions, Arsenic Candy, an all-female gang dressed as gothic lolitas (...seriously...).

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During the first story mission you will ride on Rhino in a shopping mall (automatic story part). Steer Rhino into any 15 breakable objects to get this. Small things like windows and tables count too.Competitive SpiritBeat Phin at the rocket launch mini-game

Socially AcceptableScroll through the entire Social Feed at the end of the storyAfter finishing the story when you regain control and can walk around again, open the Social Feed Menu and scroll all the way to the bottom.Plus PlusComplete the game on New Game+After finishing the story for the first time, return to the Main Menu, select a free Save Slot, press to start a New Game+. Everything you have unlocked on the first playthrough will carry over.

Thanks for the guide.I have a question if I want to get the platinum on both ps4 and ps5 can I do it this way I play first on ps4 and I finish the game and I get all the trophies except Just the Beginning and Plus Plus and then I transfer my save to the ps5 and start a New Game+ and I get all the trophies and before I get the trophies Just the Beginning and Plus Plus I transfer it back to the ps4 version and I get those 2 trophies with the platinum and then I continue on ps5 and and I get them with the platinum.Will it work this way?

No its not the old game with 3 hours extra. It took me 11 hours to beat it the first time. Its 3 hours if you just do the main missions, use fast travel and skip cutscenes, which makes you lose out on a whole lot. Outside of that, the game itself has improved alot from the first game and feels like a full experience that is different 350c69d7ab


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