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Glamour Teen

TO my surprise, the old science-fiction classic "Journey to the Center of the Earth" was on TV recently, and I had the chance to watch it with two 13-year-old girls - my daughter, Becky, and her friend Melissa. As a young teenage boy when the movie first came out in 1959, I had been singularly impressed: adventure, romance, dazzling special effects - what more could a kid want? The excitement of climbing into a volcano to reach the earth's magnetic core and being threatened by villains, natural disasters , and a slew of scaly monsters had me believing that I, too, would one day pursue a life of science and exploration.

glamour teen

I find I'm watching the movie with three sets of eyes: as an impressionable teenager way back when, elbowing my friends in the front row of a darkened theater; as my adult self comfortably seated before an ample-sized color TV screen; and as a 1990s teen - my daughter and her friend. Despite the movie's obvious shortcomings, it's easy for me to understand its impact on me as a child. At the very least it fed my imagination, made me want to strike out on my own, discover new worlds, test my mettle. In the

Elevate your home decor with this stunning floor lamp that effortlessly blends minimalism with glamour. Crafted with a wrought iron frame in a timeless black finish, it boasts a torchiere-style design with a tapered, bell-shaped shade that is adorned with numerous small glass crystals, creating a textured and captivating effect. This fixture is compatible with LED bulbs and can accommodate a single 60W bulb (sold separately), making it a perfect choice for creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Standing tall at 59", this floor lamp is sure to add understated elegance to any space.

Add a touch of glamour in your living room or teen's bedroom with this slim-bodied, modern-inspired 60" floor lamp. It showcases a gleaming finish on its round base and thin support arm. Plus, it's crowned by a matching metal finial and a drum shade wrapped in a cotton blend fabric that features butterflies laser-cut out of the shade. Whether behind the couch or next to the bed, this elegant floor lamp gives plenty of light from a 105W bulb (sold separately). It's also LED-compatible for a more eco-friendly option.

"The decline in teen smoking seems to be about over," says Lloyd Johnston, a social psychologist at the University of Michigan, who has surveyed middle- and high-schoolers about tobacco, alcohol and drugs for 32 years. "We didn't see any decline in daily smoking among the eighth-graders this year, and they're usually the first to show changes in direction. And the declines have decelerated considerably in 10th and 12th grade as well."

Johnston says that a lot of the things that helped decrease teen smoking in the late '90s and early 2000s have changed. Some states have pulled back funding for anti-smoking ad campaigns, and a national effort, initially funded with tobacco settlement money, has had its budget cut.

"One of the interesting things that we found is that a proportion of teenagers today who say they would prefer to date someone who doesn't smoke is up to around 75 percent with both genders," Johnston says. "And, so, if a young person decides to smoke, they are by definition making themselves less attractive to three-fourths of the opposite sex, and that's a large social price to pay." 041b061a72


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