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Ocean of Games Presents: GTA: Liberty City Stories APK for Android - Download Now

A boy Toni Cipriani from Leone family returns home to Liberty City. He is been hiding himself as he killed a mad man. Now in the muddled streets of Liberty City, the town begins to self-destruct under the supervision of political corruption, union strikes, and drug trafficking. Toni want the city control under the Leone family but he faces the hurdles in his way in the form of cynical politicians and even his own mother stand in front of him.  This game features high resolution textures and character art with real time lighting and shadows. The controls have been rebalanced for touch based gaming experience. This game has also got physical controller support.This game has got graphics of remarkable quality and sounds are also quite imposing. You will experience the real atmosphere in this game. This game is free to download and you can access it easily. Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories is user friendly game.

download gta liberty city ocean of apk

Download apk:


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