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Best Place To Buy Trucker Hats [VERIFIED]

Whether the reason for wearing it, the design of the hat plays a huge role when deciding on which hat to buy or wear for the day ahead. There are thousands of designs, and we made a list with some of the best funny trucker hats and 50 best vintage hats.

best place to buy trucker hats

CustomPlanet specializes in custom jerseys and mainly supply sports teams, leagues and clubs who need custom uniforms fast, and delivered on time. But beside jerseys, you can create custom trucker hats too.

Customized Girl has a big variety of items you can customize and make your own, among which are trucker hats. With the use of their design center you can add text, art and images to and create the perfect custom trucker hat.

While similar to a baseball hat, a trucker hat will have a foam upper (with two panels), and a plastic mesh back. High quality baseball hats will be all wool, for example, to illustrate the difference.

In the 1950s, the greasers actually took to wearing the mechanic caps - which never made much sense, but nonetheless, it happened. Sometime in the 1970s, the five piece trucker hat became commonplace instead, with truckers usually acquiring the hats at - you guessed it - truck stops.

Additionally, a baseball cap will not have a breathable plastic mesh back (usually), and they will also not have a huge, billboard-like design on the front - like trucker hats do. The irony of wearing trucker hats by celebrities, has been sort of lost.

Therefore, it may sadden some readers to know that Kutcher has apparently gotten rid of all of his trucker hats. While it has been over a decade since Kutcher was wearing them regularly, it still saddened us to learn of this fact.

Brands like Billabong, Hurley, Salty Crew, New Era, The North Face, and others all have great caps. However, we love mesh trucker hats, especially ones with flat bills. Custom trucker hats and snapback trucker hats also provide unique looks.

You can also wear a back cap - meaning your hat will be on backwards, not forwards - resulting in a cooler look. The USA is also very big into manufacturing trucker hats, as well as tees to go with them - unlike many other products.

First off, a trucker hat is higher than the average baseball hat. This height comes from the large foam front. This is the part of the hat where company logos were originally placed and where, nowadays, any type of logo, symbol, or word can be found.

Second, a trucker hat has a mesh back to it. This is particularly unique as a trucker hat is one of the only types of baseball hats that has this feature. This is a helpful way to identify a trucker hat; if you see a hat with a mesh back, chances are that it is a trucker hat.

All snapback hats are a type of baseball hat. In addition, almost all trucker hats are a type of snapback hat. So trucker hats are a category of snapback hats, which is a category of baseball hat. While this may seem a little complicated, just remember that trucker hats are more specific than both baseball and snapback hats.

As you now know, trucker hats were created as promotional items for companies because they were an effective form of promotion. This has never stopped being true. Modern companies can use trucker hats in the same way that companies of the past did.

Companies made custom trucker hats with a large foam front panel so that they could display brand names. And they added the polyester mesh for comfort and breathability. As the people they wanted wearing them would be working outside during the hot summer months. The mesh stopped moisture from building up in the caps and allow air to flow around the head.

The foam front on trucker hats is a space for custom designs and logos. You can use this space for advertising your company or developing the look of a new brand. You can print or embroider a design onto them, like the Stetson trucker cap below.

Custom trucker hats are also great for local and amateur sports teams. Or even high school teams that play during term time. They allow you to identify who your players are and are great for building team morale.

Manors Golf's mesh trucker hat looks a lot like early trucker hats. It has a plain white foam front with a big logo and a mesh back. The logo, however isn't for Manors Golf, but the Nineteenth Hole, what golfers call the clubhouse at the end of the course.

Urban Outfitters' selection of trucker hats skews, well, trendy. They make hats for Gen Z, if that makes sense. This one, however, is a simple, no-nonsense nod to the Bay Area, which includes Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose.

For many of us, it takes us back to the early Aughts and watching our favorite celebrities, such as Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, on TRL or in the latest issue of Seventeen or J-14 magazine. Luckily for those of us who are fans of Aughts fashion, trends tend to come back around every few years. Here, WWD has rounded up our favorite trucker hats.

Have a hat for every outfit with this fitted trucker hat. Unlike other hats with color combinations on this list, this one gives you many options. You can barely call it a trucker hat with its medium profile and fitted style. The FlexFit band will keep your hat in place throughout any activity, even a gentle hug from your mother. The rounded visor sits lower on your face and blocks the sun from getting on your face. Reinforced stitching throughout makes this hat tough enough to handle anything you throw at it.

There is a literal billboard on your forehead when you don a trucker hat. What message do you want to give people? If you have a business or side hustle, this is your chance to promote it. Slap a patch on the front and become your best marketing tool. Have a message, slogan, or life motto? Put it on your hat. When people comment or ask about it, pounce on your opportunity to impart unsolicited wisdom to others.

Yes, they do. They are designed with a curved or straight bill that protects your face from the sun, making it one of the best hats for blue-collar workers. They can also help to shield your face and head from the elements such as a heavy downpour.

At Wrigleyville Sports, we love the Chicago Cubs as much as you do! That's why our store is the best place to shop for Chicago Cubs hats and beanies. Shop for snapbacks, trucker, or fitted Chicago Cubs hats that is perfect for the next game at Wrigley Field. We also have a collection of authentic and vintage Chicago Cubs hats. Browse our selection of men's, women's, and kids Chicago Cubs hats today!

Custom Ink is the personalized hat maker for your team, school, company, or any occasion befitting a custom-made hat. You can make your own logo hats, baseball caps, dad hats, visors and more in our best-in-class Design Lab. If you don't fancy yourself a designer, you can choose from our selection of free designs. So, relax and have fun. We've got everything you need, whether on the cheap or premium end, to make great customized hats and caps.

Home of the Pocket Hat, Bart Bridge is a small Bay-Area based company designing patches for local towns and some of their favorite places around the world. They hand sew the patches onto hats to form a pocket, giving you a place to put some small items like your ID and some cash! Learn more about Bart Bridge at

After running hundreds of miles on trails through granite canyons, rugged mountain slopes, and rolling desert sandstone, our team narrowed down the best running hats for trail runners and ultrarunners.

To help you choose the best running hat, our seven-member crew of professional, competitive, collegiate, and recreational trail runners and ultrarunners donned a range of the most popular, top-rated running hats for hundreds of miles. The team included male- and female-identifying runners training for a myriad of goals, from Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile to the 40-mile Grand Traverse Mountain Run. We ran from dusk to dawn across the Rocky Mountains and the Western United States on dusty trails, rocky singletrack, mud-packed routes, and sandstone in all types of weather.

Our seven product testers covered hundreds of miles with those 17 hats to pinpoint the best of the best. Altogether, we followed rocky and smooth trails through high-altitude desert and mountain slopes, sandy singletrack, steep granite canyons, sun-beaten loops, dense aspen groves, crusty postholing ventures, and mud-caked routes. On some runs, we pounded pavement and packed dirt. Our runners managed frigid rain, blasts of snow, sunshine at 10,000 feet above sea level, and lip-chapping gales. We tracked miles through a range of environments across the San Juan Mountains, Elk Mountains, and Front Range of Colorado, as well as peaks and deserts throughout Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

Capwholesalers and Customizedwear carry the entire line of Richardson Caps including the popular trucker mesh style 112. Richardson cap 112 has been our #1 best seller for the past few years. This Richardson trucker mesh cap is available in over 90 color combinations.

Look your best no matter the place, time, or occasion with this soft and comfortable Bailey by Yellowstone hat that includes a Yellowstone logo branded into the side of the hat. The band is genuine leather with feather inlay. This Bailey beaver colored hat features a long-oval, low-profile Cassidy crown with the classic pinch front design and a durable, crushable, packable, water-repellent, and shape-retentive LiteFelt finish. Enjoy a timeless look that stands out. 041b061a72


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