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[EXCLUSIVE] Live Search And Custom Fields €? WordPress Filter, Search WooCommerce Product Filter

Live Search and Custom Fields (LSCF) is a powerful WordPress Filter Plugin that helps you create advanced filters on your website. It allows you to filter and search posts, WooCommerce products, custom posts, taxonomies and LSCF custom fields. Built with AngularJS framework, results are displayed in real time and are periodically cached, which provides superior performance than regular Ajax filters.

[EXCLUSIVE] Live Search and Custom Fields – WordPress Filter, search WooCommerce Product Filter


Very smooth animations with mobile device support and regular updates. Use Ajax Search Lite as a replacement for the default WordPress search with a better looking, more efficient search engine.Fine-tune the user experience by providing a powerful ajax search plugin to your visitors. Supports custom post types and custom fields and more. Boost your site search engine with this custom built live search engine.

Your customers will love the live Product Search Field that shows results while you type and lets you add items directly to the cart. It automatically replaces the standard product search field if desired, and it is also available as a widget to use in sidebars.

In this panel, you can configure the search form placeholder, and the submit button label. On the Autocomplete tab, you can set the live search result item limit and make the search results show the product image, price, detail panel, or SKU.

The premium version starts at $59 and provides features like search results filters and an add-to-cart button, allowing users to directly add products to the cart from the search results.

WOOF Products Filter improves the functionality and search experience of your WooCommerce store. This plugin provides accurate search results and lets visitors filter products based on their categories, colors, or tags.

Its AJAX product search feature allows users to filter the WooCommerce product page without reloading it. This feature is great for improving user experience as visitors can search and filter the results quickly to find products they want.

This plugin works best with the SearchWP premium plugin. When both plugins are activated, you can customize and implement the live AJAX feature per search form instead of globally throughout the WordPress site.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search is a great WooCommerce product search plugin that helps customers quickly find products on your store. It allows customers to search products by SKU, search within specific product categories and filter the results without reloading a page.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax search is highly customizable. You can include thumbnails, badges, prices, and promotions in the live search results. You can also add a search bar to different product categories or shop pages.

WOOF Products Filter for WooCommerce is a very useful search companion for WooCommerce stores. It allows your customers to filter products using a number of options including categories, colors, size, and more.

Here is a list of plugins to improve the internal search on your WordPress site, to include custom post types and fields, taxonomies, live search, heatmaps on results, and more. Most of the plugins are free, though several have premium versions as well for advanced features.

Smart Ajax Product Search is a plugin for quick enhanced search. Ajax is an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Thus, for WooCommerce product search, as an example, Smart Ajax Product Search will perform the search without refreshing the page. The premium version offers customized product searching and a wide variety of options for search settings. Price: Basic is free. Pro is $39.

Jetpack Search provides quality search results and an improved search experience. It features real-time indexing of changes to your content, custom analysis for 29 languages, sort by relevance or date, phrase search, and filter searches by tags, categories, custom taxonomies, authors, dates, and post types. Jetpack Search has a public API for developers to run their own Elasticsearch queries. Price: Basic is free. Premium plans start at $3.50 per month.

Ajax Search Lite is a live search plugin for WordPress with a user-friendly Ajax-powered search form. Filter the results with the category and post type filter boxes. The plugin also includes Google autocomplete and keyword suggestions. Price: Basic is free. Pro is $36 with six months of support.

ACF: Better Search is a plugin to add advanced custom fields to your website. Let your site visitors search content based on the fields they select. Supported fields are text, text area, number, email, URL, file, WYSIWYG editor, select, checkbox, and radio button. Price: Free.

Ajax Search Pro features built-in multi-source autocomplete and a keyword suggestions engine. The adjustable keyword logic and two different built-in search engines allow you to configure the plugin to get the most accurate results. The search supports posts, pages, products, and any custom post type. The plugin features a customizable front-end filters panel, with checkboxes, radio buttons, selectors, date filters, and more. Price: Lifetime updates and six months of support for $36.

By default, you can search by category, tag, custom taxonomy, post type, date or combine these variables together for advanced search. Searches can be expanded to include custom fields, post meta, authors, post types, dates, taxonomies, tags, and categories... almost everything!

Formidable has developed a back-end UI that makes navigating your data a breeze. You can sort columns, search fields independently or together, and filter what fields and datasets you want to work with.

All the back-end stuff is great, but what about an advanced search for users on your site? For that, creating custom search forms with Formidable is very powerful as well. Formidable allows you to improve the standard WordPress search with customizable forms and filters.

And if the above list isn't enough, you can place your search form anywhere on your site using shortcodes. Ivory search also supports AJAX search (live search), includes a search form customizer (to design forms to match your site), and a lot more.

This is an AJAX search plugin with a spin towards WooCommerce, the ever-popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Think of AJAX in terms of "live product search suggestions". It should go without saying, but the live suggestions are great for online stores.

Add to that specific search filters for searching by SKU, by product title, description, and more. Search results include images, prices, and all the other relevant data you'd expect from an eCommerce-ready search bar.

This plugin provides an option which modifies the order of the search results produced by the Product Search Field widget and equivalent shortcode [woocommerce_product_search]. It also affects the results produced when the automatic search field replacement is active. To avoid this plugin modifying the order of the search results, disable the plugin or disable the option:

As of version 2.10.0, the search engine extension provides an API action that allows plugins and themes to be compatible with its live filters to selectively disable lazy loading. Plugins and themes that wish to be compatible, should listen to the woocommerce_product_search_signal_filter_response action and disable their lazy loading features during the request when this action is invoked.

As of version 3 of the extension, it is likely that you do not need to disable object caching. If you have not yet updated the extension to version 3 or later, we recommend to update it on your staging site first, allow the search engine to rebuild its index and then enable object caching. Once you have done that, proceed to test your staging site with several searches and combinations of filters. If everything works fine, you can leave object caching enabled and deploy to your production site.

All CSS styles and JS scripts used by the WooCommerce Product Search search engine are already minified and can be safely excluded in order to keep the live filters working. Under Performance > General Settings, go to the Minify section and choose Manual mode:

The woocommerce_product_search_compat_woocommerce_brands_index and woocommerce_product_search_compat_woocommerce_product_vendors_index filters allow to disable indexing of brands or vendors related to products.

Only use global product attributes to relate products to their features. The search engine and its filters fully support features that are related to products using global product attributes, the system does not support the use of custom product attributes. We strongly recommend to only use global product attributes as the proper method to relate any product to its attributes, including those that are used on a single instance of a product. To learn more about how to create and use global product attributes, please refer to this section on Product Attributes.

Search & Filter is another plugin. In theory, it is equipped with filtering options, similar to FacetWP and JetSmartFilter. It has faceted searches, is AJAX-based, features different filter styles, and offers access to a better UX. All of the above options, however, are available only in the paid version.. The free plugin enables you to add a shortcode, which comes with a simple, not faceted filter, with the requirement to refresh the page to show the result. Furthermore, it seems that to create a truly powerful filtering system, as in the example they offered, you will have to know how to code.

In the Search by bar, you will have two variants to choose from. The Default WordPress search will apply a default search to this filter. And By Custom Field option will allow the users to make searches in fields mentioned in the Query Variable text area. 350c69d7ab


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