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[S1E2] There Goes The Neighborhood: Part 2 [NEW]

Aidan is drinking away his sorrows at the local bar. Cara is there too, and when she sees him she goes over to his table. At first he discourages her attentions, but he can hear the blood pulsing through her veins and he invites her to sit and have a drink with him. Knowing he is dangerously close to causing another death, he calls Josh and asks him to come to the bar. Josh understands right away and starts running. But now Rebecca arrives at the bar and joins Aidan and Cara at their table.

[S1E2] There Goes the Neighborhood: Part 2

In the morning, pearl notices workers outside the house and calls Mo, who goes over to confront Dean. The Italian is stout in talking back to her and says he can do whatever he wants in the house. He also jokes about Mo getting Melanoma from getting too much sun, something that gets her emotional. When he goes to work, Dean learns that someone else has been made partner ahead of him. He is furious but his boss tells him his focus has been off work in the last 3-4 years. He has slacked off. Dean hears gunshots that night but thinks they are just dreams. The family returns the next day and when they hear ambulances outside the house, Nora and Dean go out to inspect.

Jana goes to the box of Mads toys that she still keeps, and picks out one. She visits his grave, where there is already an action figure standing atop the gravestone, and switches them out, in what is obviously a regular ritual. 041b061a72


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