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If you're looking to secure just one website, we have a whole host of reasonably priced options available. There are low cost standard DV certificates that offer basic encryption and only authenticate your domain. Or you can spring for a higher-value OV or EV TLS certificate, which offer business-level authentication for additional trust benefits.

Rather than purchasing and managing multiple SSL certificates for multiple sites, you can conveniently get top-notch security for all your domains with an inexpensive Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL certificate. Available at all three authentication levels, Multi-Domain SSL Certificates provide industry-standard encryption while easing administrative burdens.

"Cheapsslsecurity is really flexible product for company starters including long term companies. Cheapsslsecurity offers affordable SSL Certificates. Which are really great product. Myself, I use Wildcard SSL by Comodo over a year with zero issues which is really surprise for so cheap Wildcard SSL. I would recommend this product to anyone."

"Very fast delivery. Installation was easy with no problems. If you are installing a wildcard SSL certificate on cPanel, you need to specify the actual domain name, don't try to install it on * , you have to install it on each subdomain such as,,..etc. Use the same certificate for each subdomain you install. Good luck!"

Browsers have started to show an insecure warning on non-HTTP sites. Customers will quickly move from the site, which shows an insecure warning. It is the best time to get an SSL certificate if you have not purchased it yet.

SSL2BUY is an authorized reseller of leading CAs and offers wide range of SSLs at cheapest price on the market. Our certificates are specially designed for individuals and enterprises to establish a secure environment over a single domain, subdomains, and multiple domains. Our core business is SSL that provides maximum security to the website and boost trust to encourage the customers with HTTPS.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is an upgraded and more secure protocol of SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is used to encrypt the communication over the internet. Some people have started saying it as TLS certificates, but mostly it is known as SSL certificates.

To make HTTPS enabled site, you must install an SSL certificate on your web server. SSL security works on HTTPS instead of insecure HTTP. It is recommended to buy an SSL certificate to switch your site from insecure HTTP to secure HTTPS protocol.

All certificates provide the same level security to your website, whether you choose cheap DV SSL or Expensive OV or EV certificates. The only difference between validation processes to add more trust to customers.

At CheapSSLShop, we offer an 80% discount on SSL certificates, Code Signing Certificates, EV SSL, Multi-Domain SSL, and Wildcard SSL certificates. These cheap SSL certificates purchased from us will be issued by Certificate Authority (CA) only. We provide a wide range of SSL certificates from known CAs like Comodo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign, Symantec, and DigiCert.

According to Modern Encryption Standards, all SSL certificates provide a 2048-bit RSA key strength. An up-to-the-mark encryption level keeps customers' online transactions secure and boosts the confidence level of customers.

The secured site seal comes free of cost with every SSL certificate. Trusted certificate authorities will assure the customers about the website's reliability and prove an authenticate trust mark over the web.

SSL certificate will work well on mobile and desktop browsers. Our SSL certificate provides the highest browser compatibility with mobile and desktop browsers. Visitors will have smooth browsing while visiting your website.

Google gives a better ranking to HTTPS-enabled websites and there will be a strong co-relation between search ranking and HTTPS. Bring data security plus ranking at once with a strong SSL certificate.

SSL certificate assures customers that they are dealing with the correct website to whom they intended to. After SSL installation, customers can easily put trust on the website while believing that their data will remain safe.

SSL certificate imparts trust to customers about data protection and identity assurance. A strong validation process brings authentication of a website. Customers without worrying can interact and shop from the site. An identity assurance can make data sharing easy.

SSL/TLS certificate is a security protocol that establishes a secured bridge between the server and the user to secure online data transmission with solid encryption. A reputed certificate authority issues an HTTPS certificate after considering the business's physical and operational existence and domain ownership, which all depends upon the type of SSL certificate you choose. All encrypted data will be with modern industry 256-bit encryption.

SSL certificate creates a secure tunnel for passing the information shared between the server and users. It encrypts the data-in-transit and assures that it is intact and not eavesdropped on by a third party. SSL works on the public key and private key. A public key is used to encode the data, while a private key decodes the data.

SSL encrypts the information between the server and the browser, making MiTM, sniffing, phishing attacks next to impossible with solid encryption. If the data travels in plain text, a third party can read and change it. Therefore, purchasing the cheapest SSL certificate is the best way to secure the website.

HTTPS certificates are diverse and designed to serve different types of websites. There is a single domain, wildcard certificate, multi-domain certificate, multi-domain wildcard SSL, Code Signing certificate, Extended Validation (EV) SSL. These certificates can be classified into three validations types: Domain Validation, Organization Validation, and Extended Validation.

OV SSL: The certificate authority verifies the organization's operation details and the third-party business directory details to prove an organization's credibility. It is a slightly upper level of validation compared to domain validation.

EV SSL: Extended Validation (EV) offers the highest level of validation where the certificate authority checks the business's operation and legal status along with the verification of a third-party business directory to verify the listed business phone number.

Your website has an HTTPS web address and a secured grey padlock that ensures the site is secured. While in the case of an Extended Validation certificate, you can click on a padlock; there, you can find a company name in the dropdown box.

After Google's initiative, all browsers now require a secured website, whether a blog, ecommerce or any website. Unless a site has an SSL/TLS certificate, the browser will throw a "Not Secure" warning, which causes visitors to move away from the site.

SSL site seal is displayed on the web page of a site to get the assurance of visitors. The site seal displays the company information, certificate authority, issue date, country, domain name, other details that ensure visitors that the site is verified and authenticated. The site seal comes free when buying or renewing the SSL certificate.

CheapSSLShop is the best place to buy SSL certificates at the lowest price. At CheapSSLShop, all types of certificate brands, including RapidSSL, Comodo, GeoTrust, Thawte, GlobalSign, DigiCert, and Symantec, are available to fit with small to medium and large organizations.

SSL warranty is a kind of security to end-user that somehow incurs loss due to the miss-issuance of a certificate. In this case, the end-user can claim the warranty amount with the certificate authority under specified terms and conditions.

HTTPS named SSL or TLS is a protocol to bind ongoing transactions between the server and the browser. The certificate authority issues the HTTPS certificate after verifying domain ownership and business details that depend upon the type of certificate. It is in the interest of a site holder to buy an SSL certificate, which will give your customers an impression of how much you care about their online security.

SSL renewal is like a new purchase, and you can easily renew your SSL certificate with CheapSSLShop. The renewal process includes purchasing, creating CSR, completing the configure process, validation process, certificate issuance, and finally installation on the server. Each server has a different installation process.

Unlimited Reissues: You can reissue a certificate when you need a new private key or change a domain name. We offer unlimited re-issuance without charging a single penny to you. You can retrieve your SSL for an unlimited time within the certificate's lifespan.

Lowest Price Guarantee: When you buy or renew an SSL certificate from CheapSSLShop, you are eligible for a cheap price SSL certificate guarantee. We will offer an additional 5% discount on advertiser price in case the competitor's price is low.

Buy cheap SSL certificates from globally trusted and popular Certificate Authorities COMODO, SECTIGO, CERTERA, RAPIDSSL, AND GEOTRUST at bulk prices. We offer a comprehensive range of SSL Certificates, Code Signing Certificates, Client (SMIME) Certificates, Personal Authentication Certificates, and Document Signing Certificates with 24/7 live chat support and a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. 041b061a72


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