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Subtitle Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

It took two years for the sequel to Planet Of The Apes to get to the big screen, henceforth 20th Century Fox would space them out about a year at a time. Beneath The Planet Of The Apes seems to have been inspired a lot by Dr. Strangelove played far less tongue in cheek by the cast.Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, Linda Harrison, and Charlton Heston return for this first sequel. And James Franciscus is the only survivor of a rescue ship sent after Heston and his crew. Of course he finds the same simian civilization that Heston found and with the same problems and friends among the apes.Franciscus goes into the forbidden zone that Heston entered, but now the apes have a military chieftain who wants to enter and conquer the previous forbidden zone. He's played by a thuggish James Gregory.Maurice Evans is the scientist who has a vested interest in keeping the ape orthodox traditions inviolate. He doesn't want to go into the forbidden zone where Heston and Franciscus have gone, but the force of public opinion is working against him. He tags along with Gregory's military expedition to watch out for their culture.Of course there are humans there and of a higher order than the simple creatures who were thought to be below the simian on this planet. What happens when they encounter those humans is for you to see the film for.No doubt the force of public opinion influenced 20th Century Fox to make this sequel. Today's sequels to popular films are the result of certain teaser questions put into the plots of the originals. That was not done back then clearly because of some rather clumsy writing in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes. And certainly the ending here did not anticipate yet another sequel.Despite that though a lot of good social commentary about the world and America got into this film, maybe even more than in the original Planet Of The Apes. Nobody could mistake the protests of the young chimpanzees to the military expedition for anything else, but criticizing the war in Vietnam and Nixon's incursion into China.As in the first film my favorite is foxy Maurice Evans, protector of the orthodox ape religion and culture. Fans of the series will be pleased with him and the film.

subtitle Beneath the Planet of the Apes

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Okay, without Charlton Heston in the lead, the film loses a point. Now I am not saying that James Franciscus did a bad job. While he's NOT the quality actor Heston was, he really established that he was a good actor that had just never gotten the chance to do much more than TV shows like LONGSTREET.It turns out the reason Heston wasn't in the lead was not the studio's fault. They threw gobs of money at him to take the lead but he'd had enough and wanted to go on to other challenges. So, they threw EVEN MORE money at him and so he agreed to at least do a "guest spot"--appearing in the last 15 or so minutes of the movie for a stunning and mega-cool conclusion.So, this movie begins with Franciscus ("Brent") landing on the planet to look for Heston and the rest of his crew--not realizing Heston is the only surviver. He somehow (and pretty darn miraculously) finds Nova (Heston's squeeze in the first film) and she leads him to the nice apes, Cornelius and Zira. None of the three had seen Heston in some time--apparently he went missing when he traveled into the "Forbidden Zone" (I love the way that sounds).Nova reluctantly leads him there--but the way is strewn with scary stuff!! Well, it turns out all this is illusion and Brent continues with Nova deeper into the Forbidden Zone (yikes). Eventually, he meets up with some of the coolest mutants I have ever seen on film (even better than those in OMEGA MAN). They are the remnants of mankind who were not enslaved by the apes. However, they were forced to live in radioactive rubble and this has had positive and negative effects. On the plus side, they have GREAT mental powers that help them scare away ape armies and make anyone do their evil bidding! On the negative side, Brent later finds out they are all wearing masks and their faces and bodies look like chum! Well, you gotta take the good with the bad! Anyways, although these are powerful people, they are psychotics who, for fun have Brent and the captured Taylor (Heston) fight it out to the death. They also have the odd desire to worship a cheesy-looking doomsday bomb (in this one scene the special effects team blew it). Well, as the two heroes are trying to bash each other's brains out, the apes attack because now their leader is convinced the images they see aren't real. It's an all-out bloodbath and one by one we see most everyone killed. Taylor, in his last action as he dies, pushes the button to blow up the miserable planet!! And, with that, ended the Planet of the Apes movies,...or did it?! Well, seeing that this movie had a ton of money and the quality was maintained, they decided to make an odd followup--ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES. I, for one, was excited at this prospect, since BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES was jam-packed with cool action, plot and excitement. Sure it wasn't MASTERPIECE THEATER, but it was so entertaining and fun.

Two days later, Caesar, slowly recovering from the surgery, explores his former home and discovers an old camcorder, which depicts Will Rodman, Caesar's adoptive father, teaching a younger Caesar before Caesar is interrupted by Malcolm. Suddenly, Caesar spots, outside of his attic window, Blue Eyes, who has successfully freed the imprisoned apes, he had also successfully freed the imprisoned humans as well. Blue Eyes informs his father that Koba is planning to move the females and the infants from the forest into the city, including Cornelia and Cornelius. Fearing for his wife and his youngest son, Caesar urges Malcolm that they must leave immediately. Malcolm guides Caesar and the apes to the tower from below, but are forced to separate after encountering an armed human. Caesar and the apes climb the tower to the top where Caesar confronts Koba. Caesar and Koba battle for supremacy while the rest of the tribe watches on with concern. As Caesar and Koba's battle escalates, Dreyfus detonates C-4 charges that he planted beneath the tower. The resulting explosion kills him and collapses part of the tower. Seeing his people in pain, Caesar and Blue Eyes help the injured apes, as a furious Koba takes a gun and opens fire on them, injuring Maurice in the process. Infuriated, Caesar dives at Koba and tackles him, causing both of them to tumble down the debris. Caesar lands safely, but Koba is hanging over the edge of the tower.

Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet.

Apes that are able to speak in this film are shown to be the descendants of those onboard the crashed Air Force Space Station Oberon "thousands of years ago" to Davidson's time reference, according to his remark when assessing the age of the station and logs, when found. We don't know for sure exactly when the apes landed, but it would have to either be 1) after humans nuked the planet, or 2) before humans made their mark on the world, due to the barrenness of the planet-meaning well before the Middle Ages. I believe it was the former, leading to sometime between 2029-3000, since the craft was not so old that power had yet fully depleted. The apes Davidson finds were likely not bred from those that Cesar led in the other films, but a different band altogether, in a different area and era. It might even be a different planet, as Wikipedia suggests, but if this is simply a later Earth, it makes more sense and shows how the storm and station crashing alters the timeline through allowing apes to rise up against and enslave their captors and the natives they encountered when the station crashes down to Earth-perhaps inspiring apes finding Taylor in 3978 to kill him on-sight or be more ruthless, thereby preventing human survivors from hording a doomsday weapon and Taylor from setting it off and destroying the planet.One more reason I believe this is just an earlier Earth is because the ending has Davidson arriving in a Ape-occupied D.C. back in what looks like the modern age with a General Thade statue (one of the Apes Davidson had met before) sitting where Abraham Lincoln should've been. This could be woven into the timeline by either saying that Davidson actually traveled further into the future where the apes had descendants that eventually rebuilt America, and Davidson and Pericles had set this in motion in the previous time era by saying humans and apes should live together as equals. But otherwise, it would have to either be where General Thade's apes and humans work together to become a space-faring civilization and reach Earth through the same storm as Davidson, but at some time in the mid-1800s, so that the Lincoln Memorial would house General Thade, instead of Lincoln, or Davidson has arrived in an Ape-filled D.C. through a dimensional time-rift that gets him to the right time and back to Earth, but to an incorrect dimension.

I figure you should watch them like thisEscape from the planet of the apesConquest of the planet of the apesBattlethen go back to 1 and 2but if you are new to the series you should watch the original first.

In this era, the Silurians co-existed in groups of clans that lived alongside the original ape primitives that were developing on their planet. As a lesser species, these hominids became the primary livestock of the Silurians. In order to improve their flavour, a Silurian scientist by the name of Tulok began to genetically engineer the apes. This led to a faster breeding cycle as well as intelligence, creating early Homo sapiens. For his genetic crimes, the Silurians banished Tulok and his creations to die in the coming cataclysm. (AUDIO: Bloodtide) These primitive, ape-like men began to hunt in packs and attacked the Silurians. (COMIC: Twilight of the Silurians) They also began to prey on the crops of the Silurians, leading the Earth Reptiles to use plagues to exterminate them. (TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians) The Silurians were also afflicted by the plagues of the red leech. (TV: The Crimson Horror) 041b061a72


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