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ArmA 2 DayZ Torrent

This post is a work in progress, could somone please confirm there are no additional steps.It's been a long time and some things have changed since I installed, so let's see how much I can remember...and assemble! It is simpler than it used to be, thank heavens!Important! We play DayZ Epoch, which is different from DayZ Mod.You will need:Purchase and download through Steam:1. Arma22. Arma2: Operation ArrowheadPreferably, get the Arma2: Complete Collection for higher def graphics!Free download at 3. DayZ Epoch modThis is a torrent link; you will need a torrent app in order to download the mod. We will see if we can provide a rar/zip/7z version at a later date.Please follow these directions. Starting each game as you install is crucial, as shared components need to be installed as well.Installation:1. Install Arma2. Immediately after installation, start and enter the game until you get to the menu screen.2. Install Arma2:OA. Immediately after installing OA, start and enter the game again until you get to the menu screen.3. Follow the Manual Client install instructions on the DayZ Epoch site to install DayZ Epoch.From a Youtube FYI:Once you get the DayZ Epoch download, extract it into (copy the @DayZ_Epoch folder into) your Arma2:Operation Arrowhead folder. This will be found similar to the following path:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation ArrowheadLaunch Arma2:OA, and in the menu you will see Expansions. Make sure that DayZ Epoch is enabled. Close, then follow the How To Launch tutorial in the link below.Be sure to set your game name up in the Profile section before you enter any servers, or the game will take your computer name as your profile name.Now, go to the post to set Launching parameters here.

ArmA 2 DayZ torrent

0. (Steam version only) Copy Arma 2 and OA in one folder1. Extract all files and folders into Arma 22. Install the Beta patch from #PATCH# folder3. Start the server with dayz_server.bat4. Start the game with dayz_game.bat 350c69d7ab


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