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As the severity of external indebtedness has increased in sub-Saharan African SILICs, capital flight from some of these countries has also increased. Some members of the international donor community have viewed this outflow of capital as compounding the problem of external debt management, and have suggested that meaningful discussion of the solutions to external debt should wait until the issues of capital flight are resolved. Indeed, some researchers have posited that solutions to capital flight be made a precondition to discussions on debt relief (Eggerstedt and others, 1993). Thus the linkages between external indebtedness, debt burden, and capital flight, and how to deal with them, need to be addressed urgently.

The issue of capital flight is often seen in the context of profitable investment opportunities. Viewed this way, capital flight is an endogenous response to the perception of profitable investment opportunities in the source country, the recipient country, or both (Fernandez-Arias and Montiel, 1996). Just as capital flight can be viewed as evidence of excessive taxation, it can also be claimed that debt overhang can propel capital flight (Eggerstedt and others, 1993). While there is anecdotal evidence about the magnitude and possible determinants of capital flight from sub-Saharan Africa, the changes in these variables across and between countries remain largely unaddressed.

This section reviews general issues associated with the phenomenon of capital flight and looks at its impact on developing countries, in particular the sub-Saharan African SILICs. To appreciate the policy concerns involved, it is necessary to know the magnitude of capital flight from all of the sample group countries and relate the estimates to some macroeconomic aggregates such as external debt, exports, and gross national product.

Income and wealth generated and held abroad are outside the purview of domestic authorities and therefore cannot be taxed. Thus, potential government revenue is reduced, constraining the debt-servicing capacity of government debt (Ajayi, 1992).

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