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What Happened To Monday(2017)

Playing so many characters is definitely impressive, and something not every actor is able to achieve, and Rapace does an incredible job at creating each sister uniquely. Not to mention, the script that was given to her was actually very vague, and viewers will be impressed that she turned what was "the uptight sister," "the sexy sister," and "the angry rebel sister" into such detailed and intricate characters. So now, when you watch the film, it is unbelievable what was created from so little.

What Happened to Monday(2017)

by Alice Stoehr The bad news manifests itself in a flurry of stock footage and newscasters' voices. "Too many people, not enough food," declares one near-future pundit. "It is the biggest crisis in human history," adds another. Dr. Nicolette Cayman, a politician so Thatcher-esque that Glenn Close plays her in pearls and a navy blue suit, helps Europe's now-federalized government institute a strict one-child policy. Her Gestapo-like Child Allocation Bureau (or "CAB") patrols city streets, threatening hidden siblings with indefinite cryogenic stasis. So far, so familiar. It's much like Soylent Green or Children of Men or any of a dozen other dystopian thrillers. But What Happened to Monday's knotty premise continues: What if, say, seven identical sisters grew up in this political climate? They could each leave the house exactly one day a week, each time assuming the same collective identity. And what if one of these sisters, while out and about, happened to disappear?

The Omega House is a place where Omega youth learns what they need to know to please their future mates, but to Nicolò and his only two friends in the world, The Omega House had been their golden cage for the last several years. Whenever people visit The Omega House they see three young Omegas in uniforms carrying on with today's tasks looking happy, but the truth is that The Omega House isn't what it pretends to be.

Set in the near future, where certain genetically modified foods have led to a massive increase in multiple births, there isn't enough food to feed the increasing population. To counter this a strict one child policy is enforced; younger siblings are placed in cryosleep to await better times. When Karen Settman dies giving birth to identical septuplets they are raised in secret by their grandfather; he names them after the days of the week. When they are old enough he lets each one out on the day corresponding to their name... on that day they are Karen Settman.Thirty years pass and 'Karen' is working at a bank. As before each is Karen for their one day. Everything goes well until one day Monday doesn't return home... is she just late or has something happened to her? Tuesday tries to discover what happened but when she too disappears the sisters realise they are in real danger; somebody wants then eliminated. The remaining sisters will have to work together and face danger many times before they learn some shocking truths.I really enjoyed this dystopian sci-fi; I couldn't help thinking that is was like the series 'Orphan Black' crossed with the classic film 'Soylent Green' without ever feeling like a rip off of either. There are plenty of twists and turns. We get lots of impressive, sometimes gory, action and a real sense of danger for our protagonist sisters. Noomi Rapace is great in the role of all seven sisters; each subtly different in look and behaviour. The supporting cast, which includes Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe are solid too. The film raises interesting questions; if the population continues to grow will limits on children be legally imposed or will it just be accepted that people won't get to eat as much... assuming new farming techniques don't solve the problem first. Overall an impressive film; I'd certainly recommend it to fans of the genre; I'm surprised it isn't better known.

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Overpopulation along with our dwindling resources resulted in a one-child policy. That policy is just one part of the surveillance state keeping its citizens in check. They have to wear tracking devices and report constantly to the authorities. In this world, we find Terrence Settman who after the death of his daughter during labor is faced with a dilemma. A dilemma that might land him in jail. Or worse. So, he makes the right decision, for now. Because no one can tell what the future will bring.

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