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Gustav Zhuravlev
Gustav Zhuravlev

IKARUS 250-59 1.46 [REPACK]

Additional mods:ikarus_250_59_wheel_turnover (set above the main mod)This add-on for the amateur increases the steering speed. 2.5 turns in each direction as produced from the Ikarus factory. The controls become smoother for those who operate the mouse or game wheel. Disabling this mod - the steering wheel turns will be taken from the original mod (1.5 rpm)ikarus_font_RUS (set above the main mod)Mod adds a Russian font for the plates when they are activated.(Type on the English layout in Russian letters on the keyboard. Some of the Russian letters have been transferred to numbers)For the successful operation of the mod, it is recommended to set the ikarus_250_59_2021.1.39_beta file high priority!The mod was tested on the default ETS2 card.

IKARUS 250-59 1.46



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