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Gustav Zhuravlev
Gustav Zhuravlev


Major differences in low-productivity vs. productive Ediacaran marine environments. Schematic diagrams are shown for a extensive oligotrophic and shallow-marine epicontinental basin margins of Baltica often dominated by bacterial productivity where Ediacara soft-bodied fauna flourished and where denitrification and anammox likely were restricted to sediments; and b eutrophic and deeper-marine shelf settings of the South Oman Salt Basin, where green algae thrived as a primary producer and demosponges were abundant, but Ediacara soft-bodied fauna was not prominent (with Ediacara biota fossils also absent in correlative Ediacaran outcrops in northern Oman). On productive continental margins, denitrification and anammox likely occurred in both the water column and sediments


Floruit (/ˈflɔːrju.ɪt/; abbreviated fl. or occasionally flor.; from Latin for "flourished") denotes a date or period during which a person was known to have been alive or active.[1][2] In English, the unabbreviated word may also be used as a noun indicating the time when someone flourished.[1]

Thank you for this.All of us want to be flourished but it depends on how we deal with it. It is a matter of choice and perspective in life no matter what circumstance you have right now.Just want to share:Focus more on the positive things in life. But first, look up to God. He will make us flourish in all aspect we can never imagined.Godbless! 041b061a72


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