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Scalextric 2014 Catalogue Pdf Download !FULL!

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scalextric 2014 catalogue pdf download

  • These posters are in acrobat pdf format and as a photo.

  • The PDF can be printed in colour up to A2 size (which is 4 x A4 size) for display at your home track. Best presentation is PDF printed in A3 colour.

  • To easily download, please right mouse click on an individual poster link for photo or PDF and click "save target as".

  • If you want to share online through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, please acknowledge the Club and Club website . This really helps demonstrate how the Club helps increase awareness od Scalextric and also attract new Members.

  • Please note there are other poster series that Club Members exclusively get access to. This includes an annual poster series of all the releases in the annual rangeas well all 47 V8 Supercars as 12 cars per page in C reference order.

  • For a sample of the past Members-only posters now available to please see the tab under Downloads called "Other Posters". If you have an Australian postal address and want to join the Club per calendar year for only $45 for single or $55 for family. You will receive a posted monthly 36-page journal and opportunity to be involved in Club activities.

The list of the 47 posters of all the V8 Supercars from Scalextric (so far!!!): 01 Scalextric C2446 Holden Commodore Castrol #8 Ingall Photo Pdf 02 Scalextric C2447 Ford Falcon Pirtek #4 Ambrose Photo Pdf 03 Scalextric C2519 Holden Commodore Valvoline #34 Tander Photo Pdf 04 Scalextric C2520 Ford Falcon Shell #17 Steven Johnson Photo Pdf 05 Scalextric C2612 Holden Commodore Castrol #11 Steven Richards Photo Pdf 06 Scalextric C2613 Ford Pirtek #1 2004 Ambrose Photo Pdf 07 Scalextric C2614 Ford Havoline #9 2004 Ingall Photo Pdf 08 Scalextric C2615 Ford Caterpillar #6 Lowndes Photo Pdf 09 Scalextric C2692 Holden #51 Supercheap Auto Murphy (red font) Photo Pdf 10 Scalextric C2693 Ford Betta Electrical #888 Lowndes Photo Pdf 11 Scalextric C2694 Ford Stone Bros Pirtek #1 Ambrose Photo Pdf 12 Scalextric C2695 2005 Ford Caterpillar #6 Bright Photo Pdf 13 Scalextric C2766 Ford Vortex #1 Ingall Photo Pdf 14 Scalextric C2767 Ford Flintstones #17 Johnson Photo Pdf 15 Scalextric C2768 Holden Supercheap #51 Murphy Photo Pdf 16 Scalextric C2769 Holden Tasman Sleepyhead #3 Jason Richards Photo Pdf 17 Scalextric C2829 Ford Vodafone #888 Lowndes Photo Pdf 18 Scalextric C2830 Ford Castrol Edge #6 Steven Richards 2007 Photo Pdf 19 Scalextric C2831 Ford Jeld Wen #4 James Courtney Photo Pdf 20 Scalextric C2832 Holden HRT #2 Skaife Photo Pdf 21 Scalextric C2952 Ford Vodafone #88 Whincup Photo Pdf 22 Scalextric C2953 Ford Orrcon #5 Winterbottom Photo Pdf 23 Scalextric C2954 Holden HSV Dealer Team #16 Tander Photo Pdf 24 Scalextric C3040 Holden Sprint Gas #51 Murphy Photo Pdf 25 Scalextric C3041 Holden HRT #1 Tander Photo Pdf 26 Scalextric C3076 Ford Orrcon Steel #5 Winterbottom Photo Pdf 27 Scalextric C3077 Ford #6 Dunlop Steven Richards Photo Pdf 28 Scalextric C3114 Holden HRT #22 Davison 2010 Photo Pdf 29 Scalextric C3115 Holden Supercheap #39 Russell Ingall Photo Pdf 30 Scalextric C3161 Holden Vodafone #888 Lowndes Photo Pdf 31 Scalextric C3225 Ford Trading Post #6 Davison Photo Pdf 32 Scalextric C3227 Holden HRT #1 Courtney Photo Pdf 33 Scalextric C3321 Ford SP Tools #9 van Gisbergen Photo Pdf 34 Scalextric C3322 2012 Holden Vodafone #888 Lowndes Photo Pdf 35 Scalextric C3470 2013 Ford Pepsi Max #5 Winterbottom (two colour) Photo Pdf 36 Scalextric C3471 2013 Holden Red Bull #1 Whincup Photo Pdf 37 Scalextric C3582 2014 Ford Pepsi Max #5 Winterbottom (all blue) Photo Pdf 38 Scalextric C3583 2014 Holden HRT #2 Tander Photo Pdf 39 Scalextric C3815A Holden Red Bull #888 Lowndes Photo Pdf 40 Scalextric C3815A Holden Commodore Gold Tribute #100 Lowndes Photo Pdf 41 Scalextric C1371 2016 Set Holden Vortex #888 Lowndes Photo Pdf 42 Scalextric C1371 2016 Set Holden #97 van Gisbergen Photo Pdf 43 Scalextric C1400 2018 Set Holden Autobarn #888 Lowndes Photo Pdf 44 Scalextric C1400 2018 Set Holden Red Bull #97 van Gisbergen Photo Pdf 45 Scalextric C4025 2018 Holden Autobarn #888 Lowndes Richards Photo Pdf 46 Scalextric C4196 2019 Holden Red Bull Tribute #888 Lowndes Whincup Photo Pdf 47 Scalextric C4361 2020 Holden Red Bull #97 van Gisbergen Tander Photo Pdf We hope you enjoy these posters and that it encourages you to consider buying more Scalextric and joining the Club! Cheers Dominic, Club President, and the Club Committee 350c69d7ab


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