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[S5E3] Free Ride

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 3, "Tall Drink of Water," opens with a flashback, as we saw a younger John Dutton (Josh Lucas) lead some of his ranch hands on a horse ride, a young Rip being one of them.

[S5E3] Free Ride

Interrupting the sweet moment, the thing Rip was dreading actually happens. Law enforcement investigating the missing wolves park up and start interrogating him. Rip plays dumb, but the officials insist he ride out with them to track the wolves.

Rip hits the stalls to drop some cowboy wisdom on Carter (Finn Little), but is interrupted by the arrival of two Fish and Wildlife officers. They've found one of the log-strapped GPS collars from the wolves Colby (Denim Richards) and Ryan (Ian Bohen) killed, and strongly suggest Rip join them to further investigate. They ride on horseback to the scene of the crime, where the officers discover the land's been suspiciously plowed over. Their investigation is temporarily paused by rough terrain, but they promise to return with a chopper.

Rainwater and Mo are met at the casino by a protesting, rival politician. The man riles up the crowd, suggesting their current leader is greedy and in bed with the white man. Inside, Angela (Q'orianka Kilchher) shares similar sentiments, pointing out that the casino's white patrons enjoy more freedoms and rights than the people who run it. She threatens to remove Rainwater from his leadership position.

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Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 lands on our TV screens this Sunday, 20th November, at 8pm ET/PT. Episode 3 (Tall Drink of Water) follows on from last Sunday's epic double-bill. Ready for more Dutton drama? Canadian viewers can stream this week's episode free with a Paramount+ 7-day trial. Make sure you know how to watch a Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 from wherever you are in the world.

So, what do we know about episode 3 of season 5? Well, it's called Tall Drink of Water. Paramount+ has even published this spoiler-free preview: "Beth heads to Salt Lake City to take care of unfinished business; a trap is set for Jamie; Kayce makes an important decision for his family."

Yellowstone season 5 Paramount+ 7-day FREE trialStream all-new episodes of Yellowstone, plus tons of boxsets and movies, with this Paramount+ free trial. Subscription $9.99 CAD / 6.99 a month thereafter. Cancel anytime.

Watch Yellowstone Philo 7-day free trial (opens in new tab)Philo is the cheapest cable-cutting service to offer the Paramount Network and access to Yellowstone season 5. There's a 7-day free trial to use. It's then $25 per month. There are no long contracts to worry about either.

Don't forget: Canadians can stream Yellowstone season 5 episode 3 with a Paramount+ 7-day free trial. Keep a VPN handy (opens in new tab) when you travelling outside of CA to watch from anywhere. See step-by-step guide above.

As we saw in Season 5, Episode 2 of New Amsterdam, Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) is in for a bumpy ride with the revelation that his father, Horace, may have bipolar disorder. Now, with Season 5, Episode 3 (titled "Big Day"), we saw the doctor drop this news to his dad. But his reaction wasn't what anyone may have expected.

Holly gave the office a questionnaire, and Michael and her start the ethics meeting by dancing to the song, "Physical," but with the lyrics, "Let's get ethical." Michael explains his plan to merge the friendship between him and Holly into a relationship. Holly explains that the Business Ethics seminar is because of Ryan's fraud. Ryan tells the office what happened. He said that it was an amazing ride, even though he committed fraud. Holly discusses the questionnaires. Holly explains how time theft is horrible, but Kelly disagrees about it, telling Holly that she will take up smoking to waste time. Michael tells Holly that she is not doing a great job by setting herself up for failure.

The swinging sixties come roaring in as Morse checks out Frances' workplace, Alice's Marmalade Cat. However, the owner, Marty Bedlow, swears he hasn't seen her since her last shift on Saturday. But her coworker, Anoushka, says she borrowed a hat and shoes from the shop before heading out to meet her lover, "Don." That tip leads to a hotel room, a car registration, and a man named Don Mercer, who believed he was sleeping with Frances' sister Jilly. Tracking down Frances' train ride home puts Morse in contact with the station master, Cal, who claims he went home early to check in on his very pregnant wife, who is due any day now. It also brings in "railway enthusiast" Cedric Norton, who's been creepily floating around in the background. He leads Morse to the ghost train Frances had been sneaking home on, and (finally) her strangled body.

With a nanny for Harrison hired, Dexter has free time to pursue Boyd Fowler. Dexter sits down at his laptop to go over the photos he's taken of the women Boyd murdered. "I don't know if killing you will fill the void, but it's a place to start," Dexter thinks to himself.

Dexter arranges an "accidental" meeting with Boyd at an outdoor cafe called the Hungry Dog Diner. While sitting at a table, Dexter calls home to check on Harrison and give tips to Sonya, who has everything under control thanks to a checklist he gave her. While Boyd is eating his lunch, he finally notices Dexter. He walks over and Dexter invites Boyd to sit with him. Dexter introduces himself as Daryl Tucker, an unemployed man ready for any odd job. Boyd suggests working in Dead Animal Pickup and he offers to take Dexter along on a ride to see if he is interested. Dexter accepts, hoping to use it as an opportunity to kill Boyd.

On one end of the spectrum, Jon Snow is serving the entire realm as Lord Commander, with the imminent task of stopping the oncoming White Walkers, all while juggling relationships with his own men, King Stannis, and the wildlings. And while Jon serves from a position of power, the other end of the spectrum finds Reek, who no longer has any agency or freedom, and is shown quite literally serving his master Ramsay Bolton food and wine.

For the first time since in the inaugural seasons, they have the freedom and the power necessary to start righting the wrongs that have befallen them. The children have faced war, torture, and mutilation in the past 4 seasons, but now the tables turn, and it may just be a time for wolves. The North remembers, and so do we: winter is coming, and when the snows fall and white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

- My favorite part of the episode may have been the "origin story" of Brienne the Beauty. In Gwendoline Christie's finest work to date, we finally learn of Brienne's awkward youth, and how she came to be so enamored with Renly Baratheon. She loved him, yes, but it was more than just a romantic crush or the fancy of a handsome prince. She loved the only man who truly showed her kindness, and she still aches to avenge her lost King. She rides North for Winterfell and Sansa, but she also may be on a collision course with the man whose shadow killed Renly, Stannis Baratheon.

Chris Harris: Yeah. Yeah. They pay student fees faculty get it for free. Unless they want to go someplace off campus. We have some off-campus locations. They have to pay for a bus pass for those. But for the most part, yeah, they pay for everything upfront.

Now next week on Transit Unplugged In-Depth. We'll have excerpts from the live panel of women leaders in transit that we recorded at APTA EXPO. This was a really fabulous session. You do not want to miss this. Now in the meantime, if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or would like to be a guest onTransit Unplugged, feel free to email us anytime So until next week, ride safe and ride happy.

Whiting begins his announcement by talking about the shrinking news hole and decline in advertising revenue and circulation as competitive media continue to arise. Whiting mentions the internet as a free source of news and opinions and tells the staff that to find a balance in the new world gives them hard choices. Whiting mentions the pride that The Sun has in its foreign bureaus and then regretfully announces that the closure of the bureaus has been ordered by the paper's owner. He also announces that reporters will be bought out of their jobs to meet budgetary requirements from the Chicago Tribune company. He concludes by stating that they will have to "do more with less" and hands over to Klebanow to detail the specifics. Whiting returns to his office while Klebanow asks the assembly to hold their questions until he has had a chance to speak. Scott Templeton warns Gutierrez to begin thinking about a new job.

Following his involvement in the Junebug triple homicide, Michael Lee is socially withdrawn. Duquan "Dukie" Weems urges him to discuss it and Michael briefly relates the story reflecting that everything in his life is serious now. Michael asks Bug about his homework and Dukie tells Michael that school is closed for teacher meetings the following day. Dukie suggests they do something with Bug as he is free for the day. Michael tells Dukie that he has his corner to run and Dukie smiles, having thought of something. Michael asks Dukie what is on his mind and Dukie reveals that the Six Flags amusement park has reopened. Michael considers the possibility.

The next day Michael tries to hail a cab to take them to the park. He is approached by a hack driver and negotiates a $200 fee for a ride. They enjoy their day at the park and even flirt with some girls. However, when they return Michael goes to check on his corner and Monk confronts him about leaving without telling anyone. Monk tells Michael that Partlow has already been informed. 041b061a72


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