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How to Download Harley Quinn Season 1 Episode 1 in Minutes | Full HD Video

The show's second season premiered on April 3, 2020.[2] On September 18, 2020, the series was officially renewed for a third season, along with the announcement that the show would move to HBO Max, following the restructuring of DC Universe.[3] The third season premiered on July 28, 2022.[4] On August 31, 2022, the series was renewed for a fourth season.[5] A standalone 44-minute special episode, titled "A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special", premiered on February 10, 2023.[6]

On November 20, 2017, it was announced that the then-unnamed DC Universe had ordered 26 episodes of Harley Quinn, a half-hour adult animated action-comedy series created and written by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey. Executive producers were set to include Halpern, Schumacker, Lorey, and Sam Register with Jennifer Coyle serving as a producer. Production companies involved in the series were slated to consist of Ehsugadee Productions and Warner Bros. Animation.[37] The first season consists of 13 episodes of the initial 26-episode order.[38] Animation work is provided by NE4U, Digital eMation and Maven Image Platform in South Korea.[citation needed]

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Schumacker stated the third season was more difficult to produce, but it will be much simpler not having to create two seasons back to back. Halpern has stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that season 3 will explore Harley's reaction to a half healthy relationship with Ivy as well as focusing more on Ivy's backstory as the previous two seasons were mainly focused on Harley.[46] Schumacker said that new writers from the LGBTQ+ community have been hired because of the direction of season 2 and that it is a priority to diversify the staff for season 3.[47] Schumacker also revealed that Dean Lorey would no longer be available to return as showrunner for season 3 and would be replaced by new co-showrunners Chrissy Pietrosh and Jessica Goldstein alongside him and Justin Halpern.[47] Composer Jefferson Friedman revealed there would be a musical episode coming, and also stated that he wanted to refresh the music to give identity for each character.[48] During an interview with Deadline Hollywood, Schumacker stated that his desire was to open season 3 on "an actual Zoom, where the GCPD is just being berated by the city of Gotham for their ineptitude".[49] In February 2021, series creator Patrick Schumacker announced that they had begun recording season 3.[43]

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! (formerly Noonan's),[52] a spin-off featuring Kite Man and his current girlfriend Golden Glider, is currently in development for Max.[116] The first season is set to comprise ten episodes, with Oberg returning to voice Kite-Man.[117]

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Season 3DetailsEpisodes10[1]Premiere"Harlivy"[2]Finale"The Horse And The Sparrow"[2]Release DateJuly 28, 2022[3]Finale DateSeptember 15, 2022[2]Harley Quinn Previous Next Season 2 SpecialSeason 4 The third season of Harley Quinn consists of ten episodes. It premiered with "Harlivy" on HBO Max on July 28, 2022 and concluded with "The Horse and the Sparrow" on September 15, 2022.

Two more spoiler-filled images were dropped by Schumacker and the official Twitter account on June 27 along with teasing the release of a big announcement the following day.[35] This turned out to be the release of the first official teaser trailer along with the reveal of a set release date of July 28th.[3] Around the same time the titles of all 10 episodes were reported by SpoilerTV although they have yet to be confirmed by HBO Max.[2] A few weeks later, the official poster for the season dropped on July 8[36] and the full official trailer was released by HBO Max on July 11.[37]

According to statements from Jefferson Friedman, the music composer for Harley Quinn, a full musical episode could be expected in the third season.[38] However, Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern later confirmed this never came to be although the season would contain multiple song numbers throughout including Joker getting his own theme song and a duet between Batman and Catwoman.[39]

On March 4, 2021, the "Masters Of None" podcast released an interview with Executive Producer and co-head writer Justin Halpern, in which he revealed some news regarding Season 3. According to Halpern, the season will be released in late 2021 or early 2022 due to how long animation takes to produce. He confirmed that classic Batman villain the Mad Hatter will appear in the new season, there will be a standalone Joker episode as there was for Batman in Season 2 where they are planning to take the character in a direction that has never been done before, and Harley's crew will take another trip into a new character's head.[5]

In August 2021, Halpern and Shumacker went on the "Lavender You" podcast where they revealed a few new details about season 3 including that they would "push the envelope in terms of sexual situations" and that the very first scene of the season would "turn some heads". They also reaffirmed that Harley and Ivy's relationship will be going strong as well as that the season will explore Poison Ivy a lot and that a ton of episodes will be focused around her.[41]

In March 2022, Patrick Schumacker revealed that the The Suicide Squad director James Gunn would be making an appearance in the third season as himself and would be directing a movie about Thomas Wayne.[14] Gunn was reportedly contacted on Twitter by Schumacker on a whim, knowing he was a fan of the show. He recorded his lines remotely, as he was directing his DCEU series Peacemaker Canada at the time.[42] Schumacker also revealed that an episode of the season would pay homage to Batman: The Animated Series where the character of Harley Quinn originates from. He teased that the episode would even contain some original backgrounds from the show.[43]


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