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Experience the Thrill of Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle on Your Device

He laid over a little and scraped over the spires of a temple. Theroof of the building151 was red and Stan remembered what Niva had saidabout the Japanese base being close to a red-roofed temple. He surgedout over the tops of a mass of trees and saw lights dotting the junglebelow. By those lights he could see the forms of bombers and fighterplanes parked in the woods.

Stan watched the red roof of the temple below. That was the onlyvisible mark in the jungle, aside from the native village. As he laidover and circled downward he saw great mushrooms of smoke and flamerising from the woods. The Hudsons had located oil tanks and ammunitiondumps as well as parked planes. The flames spread and enveloped thetemple. They leaped over the tops of the trees. Stan saw wreckedbombers and men running madly away from the woods.

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The Hudsons had vanished and Stan170 nosed along over the jungle. Hesighted a bomber which had been wheeled away from the others, did atight turn and flipped over to go down on it. As he went he pressedhis gun button. Nothing happened. He was out of ammunition. He shotout over the village teeming with terrified natives. He hoped Niva wasamong them. If she was back in the temple grounds she could hardly haveescaped injury, possibly death.


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