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Where To Buy Keurig Vue [Extra Quality]

K-Cups seem to be everywhere, and you can find some incredible deals on them. Buy them online and have them shipped to your house or office, join a subscription service, or swing by the local grocery store to pick up a box.

where to buy keurig vue

Before starting this repair, please pay careful attention to where you put your hands while working on this machine. Behind the cover we will remove are two VERY sharp blades designed to puncture the coffee pack. They would easily penetrate skin and cause serious injury.

The cover has two "hooks" that slide over "pegs" on the coffee pack mechanism - I've highlighted one set in the first picture. The process is made difficult by the fact that the parts where the screws go have to slide "under" that frame. I can't offer much advice on how to do this as I've never been able to figure out a repeatable way to get the cover back on. You simply do the best you can to align those pegs with the hooks with the cover angled back a little. Once installed correctly, you can see the holes for the screws line up. You'll note the sides of this cover go around the handle sides. When installed correctly, there is a little bit of play before you put the screws on - the cover can be tilted back and forth a little. I've included a couple of shots of how the cover aligns with the handle sides so that you can use as a reference when reinstalling the cover.

I was having problems with my keurig and found your answer! I don't have the vue, but just a normal keurig with the side reservoir. It sounded like the same problem, and it was! Mine was easier to fix since I did not have to take it apart, I just pulled out the piece that holds the pod and cleaned out the hollow blade at the bottom!

I love my Keurig! I would recommend this to everyone. Great for an office or a household where you drink only one or two cups of coffee! Just wish Keurig would make one unit that did everything! Great assortment of coffee, tea and other beverages.

Price is always something you want to have a look at. When it comes to price, the newer version is more expensive than, the older. Keurig Vue at the time of writing is more expensive than the K-cups, but it can depend on what brand and where you buy it from.

In a country where 2/3 of all beverage containers do not get recycled, I find it hard to believe the K-Cup will achieve a significant recycling rate no matter how easy it is to recycle. Also, these smaller pods can be difficult for materials recovery facilities to process and bale. 041b061a72


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