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Main Aur Tum 1987 Hindi Movie 111: A Romantic Comedy with a Twist

Main Aur Tum 1987 Hindi Movie 111: A Romantic Comedy with a Twist

If you are looking for a classic Bollywood movie that will make you laugh and cry, then you should watch Main Aur Tum 1987 Hindi Movie 111. This movie stars Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh as Raj and Neetu, two childhood friends who fall in love but face many obstacles in their relationship. The movie is full of hilarious scenes, catchy songs, and emotional moments that will touch your heart.

Main Aur Tum 1987 Hindi Movie 111

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Main Aur Tum 1987 Hindi Movie 111 is not just a typical romantic comedy. It also has a twist that will surprise you and make you think about the meaning of love and friendship. The movie explores the themes of fate, destiny, and free will in a unique way. The movie also has a message of hope and optimism that will inspire you to follow your dreams and never give up.

If you want to watch Main Aur Tum 1987 Hindi Movie 111 online, you can find it on various streaming platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar. You can also download it from torrent sites or buy it on DVD. However you choose to watch it, you will surely enjoy this timeless Bollywood gem.

Main Aur Tum 1987 Hindi Movie 111 is a rare and underrated Bollywood movie that deserves more recognition and appreciation. The movie was directed by B.R. Chopra, who is known for his social dramas and thrillers. The movie features Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, who were one of the most popular and successful on-screen couples of the 1970s and 1980s. The movie also has a supporting cast of Om Shivpuri, Brando Bakshi, Sonika Gill, and others who deliver impressive performances.

The movie has a captivating plot that keeps you hooked till the end. The movie starts with Raj and Neetu as childhood friends who share a strong bond. They grow up together and fall in love, but their families are opposed to their relationship. Raj's father is a rich businessman who wants him to marry a wealthy girl, while Neetu's father is a poor farmer who wants her to marry a suitable boy. Raj and Neetu elope and get married, but their happiness is short-lived. They face many challenges and hardships in their married life, such as poverty, unemployment, illness, and betrayal. They also discover a shocking truth about their past that changes their lives forever.

The movie has a mix of comedy, romance, drama, suspense, and tragedy that will keep you entertained and engaged. The movie has some memorable scenes that will make you laugh, cry, or gasp. For example, the scene where Raj and Neetu pretend to be married in front of Raj's father, the scene where Raj gets a job as a taxi driver and meets his old friend Brando, the scene where Neetu gets sick and Raj takes her to the hospital, the scene where Raj finds out that Neetu has been cheating on him with Brando, and the scene where Raj and Neetu learn the truth about their birth.

The movie has a brilliant soundtrack that adds to the charm and appeal of the movie. The movie has six songs composed by R.D. Burman and written by Anand Bakshi. The songs are sung by Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, and Amit Kumar. The songs are catchy, melodious, and meaningful. Some of the popular songs from the movie are "Main Aur Tum", "Dil Ki Baat", "Pyar Ka Dard Hai", "Tumse Milke", "Aaj Ki Raat", and "Zindagi Ka Safar". The songs express the emotions and moods of the characters and the situations they face.

The movie has a powerful message that will make you think and reflect. The movie shows how fate and destiny play a crucial role in our lives and how we have to accept them with courage and grace. The movie also shows how love and friendship are the most precious things in life and how we should cherish them and protect them. The movie also shows how we should never lose hope and faith in ourselves and our dreams and how we should always strive to overcome our difficulties and challenges.

Main Aur Tum 1987 Hindi Movie 111 is a masterpiece that will touch your soul and make you smile and cry. It is a movie that you can watch with your family and friends and enjoy its humor, romance, drama, suspense, and tragedy. It is a movie that you can watch again and again and never get bored of it. It is a movie that you will remember for a long time and appreciate its beauty and brilliance. e0e6b7cb5c


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