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Learn Physical Diagnosis with Swartz: History and Examination [PDF]

this course expands the knowledge of health assessment principles specific to the role of the apn. the student will develop assessment techniques related to history and physical examination of clients across the lifespan, including psychiatric-mental health and related supportive assessments. students will explore, analyze, apply, and evaluate these principles in the classroom setting.this course includes 25 hours of lab. a health assessment performance evaluation will occur in the laboratory setting (11 hours) requiring the student to visit the chamberlain campus offering this evaluation. the student is responsible for completing 14 hours of practice prior to the health assessment performance evaluation.

Swartz Textbook Of Physical Diagnosis Pdf Download

derive the maximum diagnostic information from interviewing and examining patients with textbook of physical diagnosis. employing a compassionate, humanistic approach, dr. swartz explores how cultural differences can influence communication, diet, family relationships, and health practices and beliefs, and demonstrates that your interpersonal awareness is just as essential in physical diagnosis as your level of technical skill. this medical reference book features numerous high-quality color images, an easy-to-use design, and detailed descriptions of exam techniques, making it an essential guide for physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

mastering each aspect of the patient interview and physical exam is fundamental to medical education, resulting in more accurate diagnostic skills, more effective patient management, and better patient outcomes! dr. swarts textbook of physical diagnosis is a highly respected reference in this critical area, offering a compassionate, humanistic approach to the art and science of interviewing and physical examination. from cover to cover, youll learn how your interpersonal awareness is just as important in physical diagnosis as your level of skill and why clinical competence in this area is essential for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and all members of the healthcare profession.


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