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Best Buy Pre Owned Phones 'LINK'

The best used smartphones are a great way to save money, and in this economy ever penny you save is a win. A shiny new flagship might be a satisfying purchase, but the used market helps you save money without sacrificing too much functionality and performance.

best buy pre owned phones

The best phones always get a generous price cut when their successors launch, and those are great places to start. And with some people religiously upgrading year after year, it's easy to pick up a gently-used handset for a much more affordable price. Whether you want a shiny iPhone, a Samsung, or something else entirely, these are all the very best used smartphones you can buy right now.

Both phones still have the A15 Bionic chipset, with the iPhone 14 Pro range getting exclusive use of the more powerful A16 Bionic. The iPhone 14 does get an extra core in the GPU, mind, but the difference isn't as stark. Both phones also come with the same display and dimensions, though the iPhone 13 has a one hour shorter battery life and no autofocus on the front-facing camera.

OnePlus produces some fantastic phones, though they certainly release a lot of them. Which is why picking up last year's OnePlus 10 Pro is always worth thinking about. With the OnePlus 11 on sale, you can expect to find the previous device for a lot less than it would have cost you this time last year.

Now that the Pixel 6a is here you're going to start seeing the Google Pixel 5a drop in price. So $449 was a little too pricey for you, then you'll want to keep your eyes peeled. We dubbed the Pixel 5a the "king of affordable phones" thanks to it's impressive feature set, wrapped up in a low-priced package.

Flagship smartphones are more powerful than many of us realize, and so even if you buy a device that's two years old, you're still likely to get a phone that's more than powerful enough to handle everyday tasks. From browsing social media apps and websites, to GPS navigation, video and music streaming and snapping photos.

We use a light meter to ascertain display quality data, like brightness and color accuracy, and our proprietary battery test determines longevity on a charge by continuously loading live webpages over a 4G or 5G network. We set each phone to 150 nits of screen brightness and try to use T-Mobile's network each time in order to achieve comparable results across phones.

Being patient usually means waiting about a year after a phone is released to grab it. Refurbished phones have been repaired so they can be sold again, so you won't find refurbished versions until a phone has been on the market for a while. And when you do find refurbs, they may not be available in every model, color or configuration.

Still, last year's smartphones are solid products, and we think it's worth the wait to get a phone at significant savings. For example, the iPhone 7 (4.7", 32GB) cost $699 on release day, but after the iPhone 8 came out, the price fell and refurbished models became common:

Any refurbished or certified phone is considered pre-owned. Whether it was returned to the retailer within the allowed period or has actually been used, the retailer can no longer sell it as new. Thus, it's become a pre-owned phone.

Samsung, for example, calls its refurbished phones "certified pre-owned." Because everyone uses these terms differently, it's important to read the fine print before you buy any kind of refurbished phone so you know how they've been refurbished.

For the best balance between price and performance, we recommend looking at refurbished models that are around a year old. These phones are still new enough that you aren't likely to have issues, but after a year you should find them at deep discounts. By the time they're three years old, the battery will have degraded due to use (unless it's been replaced) and, after another year or two, may not be capable of being upgraded to the latest version of Android or iOS.

When you buy a new smartphone, you expect it to show up in a new box, with a charging cable, headphones and other accessories. But if you buy a refurbished model, you may not get all the accessories. A refurbished phone will usually include a charger, but other accessories are rare. Read the fine print on the product description so you know exactly what you're getting before you buy.

But if you'd like to save more cash, a trusted third-party retailer is the way to go. Avoid retailers you've never heard of: Buying a refurbished phone is an exercise, to an extent, in trust. You want to be sure it's been properly repaired and that you have somewhere to go if it doesn't work. You're likely to see better deals at other retailers (and eBay tends to have a selection of cheap refurbished phones), but you don't necessarily know what you're going to get.

You probably have a local Best Buy that you can visit to ask questions and see what their Pre-Owned and Refurbished stock looks like. Best Buy locations can also be a good place to go for technical support if you have problems. The company has a 14-day return policy and most refurbished phones come with a 90-day warranty.

Every carrier will stock refurbished phones, though return policies and warranties vary from carrier to carrier. This can be a good option, if they carry the phone your want, because you can usually visit the store if you have problems with your phone. Check out the used phone options at T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

As long as you're a careful shopper, you can save a lot by buying refurbished. So if you're in the market for a new smartphone, definitely consider a like-new refurbished/certified pre-owned model instead.

There may be rare cases where a phone may not be fully compatible with a certain carrier, though that is less likely with major carriers. Regional ones may have some restrictions, but they are increasingly less common with the latest phones.

Yes, unlocked phones are ideal for international travel because you only need to swap out your SIM card for another card from a local carrier to get service. This could be on a limited basis to cover the duration of your trip, or for a longer period if you will be staying to study or work in a foreign country.

You can find any phone from any manufacturer unlocked today. While smartphones are still widely available on contract terms from wireless carriers, you can also purchase them outright at full cost without signing any sort of contract. In either case, the phone will be unlocked, as per the CRTC rules.

The issue with refurbished phones is that you don't necessarily know which of the possible pathways it took to become refurbished in the first place. The truth is you may never know, even after you have the phone in your hands. But there are some excellent tips to follow when shopping for a refurbished phone.

Gazelle refurbishes and sells phones it buys from consumers and offers the last few years of popular devices from Samsung and Google (plus all of the latest iPhone models). This means there's a small diversity of brands but a great selection within the most popular ones.

You've probably heard of Gazelle if you've ever looked into reselling your phone. The site gives instant offers on phones (along with other devices like laptops and tablets), pays out via Amazon gift cards, PayPal, or paper checks, and refurbishes the devices you send to sell to someone else. This isn't just a great way to make a quick buck on your old tech; it's an environmentally friendly system that reduces e-waste by keeping gadgets in circulation for longer.

Best Buy sells refurbished, pre-owned, and open-box phones from various companies (though it's heavily weighted toward Apple) at discounts ranging from 10-30% off. Open-box deals, in particular, are great because they're typically devices that were just purchased, opened, and returned, not even used. Because of this, you can often find the latest models of phones for sale, rather than just old models.

One of the most appealing parts of Back Market is just how transparent it is with its customers. The company works with phone repair technicians and refurbishers to sell phones of various conditions and price points, with ratings listed for everything from the phone's physical condition to the amount of e-waste you're saving by buying a pre-owned device.

All Back Market's devices come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a minimum 12-month warranty. The company runs regular flash sales to offer eye-watering savings on phones to laptops, tablets, headphones, and even computer peripherals. 041b061a72


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