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US Congressman Moves To Ban Huawei And ZTE ((FULL))

China only bans foreign products and services in China itself. US not only ban the sales of huawei in US, but also ready to sanction other countries who use huawei, which is ridiculous to say the least. Did China ban US products being used in OTHER countries?

US Congressman moves to ban Huawei and ZTE

"In the absence of information that (Meng) has violated any terms of the DPA through Dec. 1, 2022 … the government respectfully moves to dismiss the third superseding indictment in this case," Pokorny wrote.

President Donald Trump argued that the tech giant's equipment could be used for espionage, and many U.S. allies agreed. Countries like Australia and New Zealand had made tentative moves to put curbs on the use of Huawei products and the testing of Huawei's 5G equipment, and regulators in the Czech Republic said they would follow the U.S. example. 350c69d7ab


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