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The second major update to PS2 Classics Manager has hit, and this time were talking about some big changes. No longer is PS2 Classics Manager a standalone application that can be downloaded and used outside of the PlayStation 4. A brand new standalone application has been created: PlayStation 2 Classics Manager.A Users should still have a working copy of PS2 Classics Manager they can download when they need to access or edit one of their collections. A Once installed, the new application will synchronize data between it and PS2 Classics Manager.A To make this process work well, we recommend using the add-on application to download games to your local console while logged in with your PlayStation Network account. Once downloaded and installed, the new application can be used to update any collections via the PS4.A Users will still be able to use the content that has been downloaded or have been collected using the older PS2 Classics Manager app.

Ps2 Classics Placeholderl


Both PlayStation 2 Classics Manager and Now are really, really great ways to add titles to your collection, and to access titles youve purchased from the PlayStation Store. In this video we take a look at how to add a title to one of your collections and how to access that same title within your library using either software.

Im also creating a new How to use PS2 Classics Manager video and any assistance on getting the better resolution available from this video will be greatly appreciated!A I know with different browsers and devices, the video could look a little different from what you see here in this video, but thanks to everyone for your kind words of encouragement!


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