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Where Can I Buy Blinc Eyeliner _TOP_

I returned this pencil. I like their liquid eyeliner but sometimes, I don't feel like I'm that adept at putting it on. So I tried the pencil. It seemed pretty dry, and it's one that you have to sharpen yourself. I never have much luck at that, so I returned it. I'll buy the liquid again, though. Stays on really well!

where can i buy blinc eyeliner

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Really love the darkness of the purple. It went on so easily the first time and require no extra layer and never smudged into upper area of my eyelid, something every other soft liner has always done. Also love that it looks like a smooth line right away and not a crusty wrinkly looking line that you have to smudge/blend in like with other soft eyeliners i have tried.. overall i am very happy with liner and will never buy another brand from now on. liner is soft and enclosed in a thick casing, so you will need a good liner sharpener and more than likely liner will require a few minutes in the freezer before sharpening.You can tell when you first receive this, that it is a quality product. it comes in its own tin cylinder with a screw on cap and liner inside is sealed. love the blinc tins, makes me feel it will keep my liners and mascaras fresh for much longer! pricey without a discount but, liner is worth it.

I like this as well as any other eyeliner pencil I have tried. I guess I was expecting something new and different since the Blinc mascara is so unique. In that regard, it left me a little disappointed.

This is the best eyeliner pencil Ive found. I have the purple and blue, and the colors are clear and vivid and do not smudge all day. In fact, if you want to smudge it with a brush, you need to do it right away before it sets. Most pencils dont deposit enough color for me, but these provide the color of a liquid with the ease and convenience of a pencil.

Brush it on, slide it off! blinc is invented to form a water-resistant "layer of color" that contours your eyes. Since blinc is not a cosmetic paint like conventional eyeliners, it cannot fade, smudge, run or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

Rated as a "beauty breakthrough" by PREVENTION Magazine, blinc offers this innovative water resistant, no-smudge eyeliner. Liquid and easily applied, blinc eyeliner forms a water-resistant layer of color that contours to your eyes. Since blinc is not a cosmetic paint like conventional eyeliners, it doesn't fade, smudge, run or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

And to give you an idea of how deep-set my eyes are and how much my lids can touch my brow bone, these are photos of me where you can see my eyes, my liner, how you lose all view of my lids when my eyes are wide open looking up, and, lastly, how my liner never moves, never stamps my brow bone, and never fades.

Vibrant and defining, blinc Eyeliner Pencil has a silky smooth formula that is gentle on your lid line. This richly pigmented eyeliner pencil gives you long-lasting and intense definition that resists fading and smudging. The exclusive blend of antioxidants and vitamin E supports skin health by nourishing and protecting your skin. A high definition look is yours with this blue blinc Eyeliner Pencil.

All orders placed from Monday to Friday (no later than 1.00 pm) onblinc.itwill be processed the same day, with delivery within the following 48 hours, except for products "not available, whose estimated shipping time is 15 days.

Ideal for those with sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers, and active people in search of an eyeliner whose look, hold and ease of removal is without compromise, blinc eyeliner liquid is a great option for any busy woman. No re-application is required!

Smudge Proof. Water proof. Life Proof.Blinc's eyeliner pencil offers unsurpassed hold while conditioning and treating skin at the same time. The blinc Eyeliner Pencil was created to feature water proof, smudge, proof, fade proof color that makes it one of the longest lasting eyeliner pencils available.

The key differences between the two pen versions are that the Liquid Eyeliner Pen has a felt tip whereas the Ultrathin version has a brush tip. I prefer brush tips for precision, but the felt tip here can actually draw fine lines and sharp edges. (The looks in this post were all done with the felt tip.)

The blinc collection includes mascara formulations that stay in place--period. Whether you rub your eyes, cry or get caught in a rainstorm, the unique formulas found in the range will resist smearing, streaking and running. The incredible staying power of the mascaras is due to their design. Instead of painting the lashes like ordinary mascara, blinc mascara forms tiny tubes of color around them, tubes that will remain in place until you take your makeup off easily and effortlessly. The tubes also better separate each lash and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

In 1999, Blinc was founded to deliver a new type of mascara to women all over the world. The unique formulations that stayed on whether women blinked, rubbed their eyes or cried made Blinc an instant success. Women everywhere were clamoring to try these revolutionary mascara products, and major beauty publications were giving the brand awards for their breakthrough formulas. Today, Blinc remains an innovator in cosmetics and has expanded their product lineup to offer new makeup solutions to help women accentuate and enhance their natural beauty.

Blinc eyeliner products now rival the fame of their remarkable mascaras, and it's easy to see why. Like their lash products, the eyeliners are designed to stay in place despite watery eyes or rubbing the eye area. The liquid liners have uniquely engineered brushes that make it easier to get a perfectly straight, even line.

While many women use eyeliner and mascara on a regular basis, not as many women think about the beauty of their brows. Blinc is out to change that with their line of brow mousse products that help to sculpt and tame the eyebrows for beautiful results. Easy-to-use, these mousses greatly define and darken brows.

With Blinc makeup products, your biggest cosmetics woes will quickly become history. Discover mascara that doesn't run, eyeliner that doesn't smear and brow cosmetics that darken and define without looking unnatural. Shop the Blinc collection today to find the right colors to complete your makeup looks and give you gorgeous eyes.

The eyes are often the first facial feature that gains the attention of individuals around you. Therefore, selecting quality eye products to use is important if you want to look your best at all times. Offering modern options for women who like to accentuate the beauty of their eyes, blinc Products deliver water-resistant formulas that provide all-day solutions for mascaras and eyeliners, avoiding unwanted smudging, clumping, flaking, and running. Each of the currently available blinc Products is gentle enough for people who have sensitive eyes or for those individuals who wear contact lenses.

Whether you are in need of mascara, eye shadow, or eyebrow solutions, the full line of blinc Products contains a wonderful selection of high performing creations that help to create pretty eyes in a matter of mere seconds, while also delivering additional skin-friendly benefits. Feel free to browse through the complete listing of products and find one that suits your current needs.

Utilizing similar technology as an ordinary hair curling iron, the blinc Heated Lash Curler delivers a gentle burst of heat to your lashes, shaping them in a matter of mere seconds. No damage occurs due to the preciseness of the heat delivery, and the shaping of your eyelashes lasts all day long. For the best results, apply your new heated eyelash curler to the middle lashes first. Offering a sleek size, this eyelash curler fits readily into a small purse or cosmetic bag so you can easily take it on the go.

Rather than painting your eyelashes with a conventional formula that can run, clump, flake, or smudge, why not "tube" them with a water-resistant product that maintains the added color, volume, and length it creates throughout the entire day? Designed to maintain the added color, volume, and length that it adds, blinc Mascara Black actually creates little tubes on your lashes. Easily removed with gentle cleansing action and warm water.

Are you annoyed with having thin eyebrows that feature uneven growth? Don't fret, because products like blinc Eyebrow Mousse Dark Blonde have been designed specifically to fill in thinner areas, helping you to redesign your eyebrows to visions of perfection. Since this formula is designed to resist fading, smudging, and running, its application isn't affected by sweating or harsh weather elements. Frame your brow with relative ease and never think about it again until the next day. This eyebrow mousse also moisturizes your, offering anti-aging benefits that help to maintain a youthful glow. 041b061a72


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