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Raigadala Jevha Jaag Yete Pdf Download

raigadala jevha jaag yete is a unique piece of theatre. theatre historian and academic kishore vyas is very impressed by the idea. the play was written 100 years back. abhijeet choudhary has taken the story. .. although it is a play set in the past, it reflects our society today, says vyas. he has even published a book on the play. it is essential to stage plays on issues that are relevant in modern-day society. you must get rid of stereotypes associated with the play and narrate its story in a modern way, he says. abhijeet choudhary does exactly that. he makes the characters come alive. 

raigadala jevha jaag yete pdf download


theatre director choudhary believes that theatre can be a powerful tool to change the minds of people. the art needs a wider reach. it is a work on unity and understanding, where people are invited to change their attitude, he says. raigadala jevha jaag yete is an attempt to bring the heart of the city alive for its new inhabitants. abhijeet has not only made use of the professional quality sets, but also has given a fresh interpretation to a very well-loved work, says vyas.

stranger things have happened. once a year the tradition of 'saunkheti', to perform marathi play, is revived for a five-day period at the kalagnipur vasant utsav. at the grand feast, there is a play performed by the members of the saunkhiti trust, at vasant utsav. in 2011, the play chosen for this year's festival was vasant kanetkar's 'raigadala jevha jaag yete'. the kalagnipur saunkhiti trust executive committee members decided to set the theme for the festival, with the play depicting the life and society of the times from the 1920s, and its social and economic changes..


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