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Loomo Go Is An Autonomous Delivery Robot From Segway !LINK!

Segway is doubling down on the electric scooter craze sweeping cities across the US with the launch of the Shared Scooter Model Max. At CES, the company is also exhibiting its full range of "micro-mobility" solutions for last-mile transportation, including its Segway Drift W1 e-Skates, its Ninebot GoKart Kit, and a new autonomous Loomo Delivery robot.

Loomo Go is an autonomous delivery robot from Segway

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Segway is also releasing the The Loomo Delivery robot at CES. This is different from the self-driving, ride-able Loomo Robot Segway released last year. Loomo Delivery is a short-distance autonomous robot built to ferry coffee, take-out meals, packages, and other small goods around an urban or office setting. While it looks a bit like the bumbling mail robot from FX's The Americans, Loomo Delivery is pretty nimble despite using only a monocular camera.

While autonomous vehicles keep our main focus, delivery robots are showing a lot of similar potential. An entire cottage industry has blossomed around the development of those small, and mostly walkway ready helpers on wheels.

Robby 2 is here! The Robby robot is a delivery robot that has been in development for three years, and is now in regular service in several cities in the bay area. The most recent news about Robby is a partnership with Pepsi to delivery snacks to students on the campus of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. Website:

Chinese robotic manufacturer Pudu will be showcasing two autonomous mobile robotics solutions targeted at indoor delivery operations. The Pudubot and Gazebot offer two different form factors of the vehicle, Pudobot is an open shelving configuration and Gazebot is a closed/controlled delivery robot. Gazebot will target hospitality delivery operations in hotels. Pudobot will target food delivery operations in restaurants as a robotic waiter. Website:

The commercial applications for the Loomo Delivery system are endless. Loomo Delivery is a fully autonomous vehicle designed for short distance delivery directly into specific offices, rooms, or doorsteps. These are equipped with real-time monitoring and is able to go up and down elevators.

The search for more cost-effective, faster deliverysolutions spans the spectrum from drones and cute, cooler-sized bots to bicyclesand driverless, electric vehicles. Hundreds of millions of research anddevelopment and VC dollars are being invested in solutions from the practicalto some fascinating Rube Goldberg contraptions.

Segway Robotics, part of the same company that makes electric rental scooters for Lime, Jump and Bird, is the latest to get into the delivery game with a new machine it calls Loomo Delivery. The wheeled office robot can avoid obstacles, board elevators and deliver documents to another floor. 350c69d7ab


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