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All of these last three types depend to some extent upon the heros courage, independence of spirit, and skill at performing pro-cedures that are usual in the stories, but most of them show some slight departure from the original type. In the case of Grimm, it is probably due to the fact that his tale is a translation from the original tongue; in the case of the three brothers, the Breton version begins with a chase, in which the hero (who has been deprived of his prowess) defeats the three youths. In our story, the boy is brought up in a family in which the father is dead, and his mother has long been a widow. He is extremely independent, and takes charge of the entire household. In the variant, he is brought up by his grandfather; and in the final version, he is sent by a woman to the place of her husband. The change of relationships in these instances enables the boy to receive a house from a woman, instead of coming into it as the heir of his father. In our tale, as in the version, he does receive a house as the heir of his father; but the fact that the household is already well established creates a situation that contrasts with that of the other versions. In a large number of the tales that belong to this type, the final test of ability is brought in by the nymphs and gods, as in our story.

Grim tales die braut crack

(IV) The final family of tales of the fifth class are those in which the hero obtains (or gains) a kingdom by virtue of prowess rather than by inheritance. In the majority of these tales, the king obtained by brute force, and then became the king by merit. Of these, many are European in origin. For example, Grimm, No. 55, the heroic tale of Gfrgmgs Thret (died at the battle of Magnesia), gains a kingdom through his own prowess. He was enabled to avenge a wrong done him by killing his enemy, and thus gained the kingdom.


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