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Hd Movies 1080p Dual Laila-A Mystery [NEW]

"The Little Rascals - The Complete Collection Centennial Edition (1929-1938) ClassicFlix. Generations of Americans have grown up watching the films in this collection, in theaters and on television. Over the years, they had been edited for content, cut down to make time for commercials and generally neglected when it came to preservation. ClassicFlix has stepped up and given all 80 sound of the Hal Roach produced Our Gang/Little Rascals sound shorts full restorations and packaged them individually and in this box set with all manner of extras including outtakes, home movies and interviews with grown up members of the gang. These comedies are more than just children's entertainment or nostalgia for a simpler time. They are timeless. They are cultural touchstones and part of our collective consciousness.Edgar G. Ulmer Sci-Fi Collection (The Man from Planet X - 1951, The Amazing Transparent Man - 1960, Beyond the Time Barrier - 1960) Kino - Three silk purses (well, maybe two silk purses and a knockoff) courtesy of the master of the no budget film. The Man from Planet X is the most personal of the three, with its budget miniatures and its expressionist fog working overtime to provide atmosphere while obscuring the threadbare sets. The seriously creepy Tiki headed alien with the wooden visage and the dome light in his space helmet somehow triggers primal fear with his enigmatic and well-timed appearances. The Amazing Transparent Man, on the other hand, seems generic and uninspired. And finally, Beyond the Time Barrier is for me the jewel of the collection. Presented in High Def. for the first time, this the best it has ever looked on video. Along with Edward Bernds' World Without End (1956), it borrows heavily from H G Wells' The Time Machine. Both are prime examples of 50's B movie time travel. But whereas Bernds' film provides hope for its time travelers trapped in the future, Ulmer's film is darker, ending on a much less optimistic note- a vision of destruction and decay, and a warning to cold war audiences." - Ken Schwarz

Hd Movies 1080p Dual Laila-A Mystery

"The Night of the Iguana - John Huston: WARNER ARCHIVE - the finest playwright of the 20th Century (or "modern" day) - Tennessee William's last great play & poetic & comic dialogue given a rare sense of authenticity by Huston shooting on a Mexican location literally as remote as the one in the play, with a top cast of Burton, Kerr & Gardner giving some of their best movie performances, & throwing in Sue Lyon as a more mature Lolita for the young lions.Twilight - Robert Benton: KL (release date tomorrow) - Paul Newman is more entertaining that in Nobody's Fool as a noirish sometimes tongue-in-cheek PI flashing back to his Ross Macdonald movies in as close a Macdonald 'family tragedy' the greatest mystery writer never wrote, a latter day "Harper" laced with James Garner, Gene Hackman & Susan Sarandon, & a fitting climax to Newman's leading man career.Rose Tattoo - Daniel Mann: IMPRINT - another Tennessee Williams capturing Magnani's classic beauty & performance & an over-the-top comic Lancaster... the dialogue & character dynamics are why Williams will live on as America's greatest playwright thus far.The Girl Can't Help It - Frank TashlIn: CRITERION - maybe the director's most delightful live action 'cartoon' with probably the highest production values awarded to performances by early rock'n'roll icons." - Simon Cherpitel 076b4e4f54


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