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Gustav Zhuravlev

Thom Yorke Solo - New Song - Latitude 2009 - The Present Tense

But how was it? Well, in truth, somewhat of a disappointment. Yorke's previous Latitude surprise set in 2009 saw him take to the main stage with a guitar and piano, with his Radiohead and solo work drenching Henham Park in grace, stripped back to let the intrinsic opulence of his songwriting truly shine.

Thom Yorke solo - new song - Latitude 2009 - The Present Tense


Yorke's second solo album arrived as a surprise, much like the first. Following a series of cryptic clues dispersed through social media, Yorke released Tomorrow's Modern Boxes in September 2014. Initially, it was distributed through the torrent service BitTorrent, and then it was made available on vinyl. The eight-song set was another concise, subdued, yet tense set from the Radiohead frontman. In 2015, Yorke performed with audiovisual artist Tarik Barri and Godrich at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan and the Latitude Festival in the U.K. 041b061a72


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