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Alagappan Textbook Of Medicine Pdf 12

Inhaled albuterol and ipratropium bromide nebulizer solutions may be used for bronchodilatory effect in a constricted airway for symptomatic relief in urgent situations. Treatment of a chronic cough should attempt to target the underlying etiology whenever possible to reduce coughing instead of suppressing the cough. If a patient is identified to be taking an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, this medicine should be discontinued, and an aldosterone-receptor blocking medicine started in its place. In reactive airway disease, inhaled steroids or anticholinergic medications may be indicated. Cardiac function should be optimized following appropriate cardiology recommendations in a patient-specific manner. Gastroesophageal reflux should be treated aggressively by avoiding predisposing reflux substances, including chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. Furthermore, to prevent aspiration, patients should elevate the head of the bed and not eat for several hours before bedtime. Medical therapy should include a proton pump inhibitor at maximal dosing.

Alagappan Textbook Of Medicine Pdf 12

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Oral manifestations of medical conditions are defined clearly for medical students, under separate headings where necessary, and text boxes are included to highlight key information. This new edition features the latest definitions and guidelines on clinical medicine in dentistry.

Internal or practical medicine is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and medical treatment of adult diseases. A physician who specialises in practical medicine is referred to as an internist. Subspecialties of internal medicine include allergy and immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, haematology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, nephrology, oncology, pulmonology, and rheumatology (

Beginning with an introduction to internal medicine, each of the following chapters is dedicated to an anatomical region of the body and associated disorders. Each disease is presented in an easy to follow format, describing the causes, clinical features, investigations and management.

The expanded second edition of this key clinical reference provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive review of oncologic emergencies. It covers the diagnosis and management of the full range of emergencies caused directly by cancer and/or treatment, including chemotoxicity, radiotoxicity and post-surgical complications, as well as transplant-related issues and toxicities of novel antineoplastic agents and the new immunotherapies. The book also shows how the entire spectrum of clinical medicine is brought to bear in the care of cancer patients in the unique setting of the emergency department (ED), from health promotion and prevention, to treatment and palliative care. Recognizing the multiple, overlapping contexts in which emergency care of cancer patients occurs, the book addresses clinically crucial interdisciplinary topics such as the ethics of ED cancer care, analgesic misuse and abuse, informatics, quality improvement and more. Finally, perspectives on care system and social forces that shape ED cancer care, such as cancer care disparities and care models, frame the book as a whole. Edited and written by world-renowned experts in emergency medicine and oncology, the Second Edition of Oncologic Emergency Medicine: Principles and Practice is the definitive resource for emergency physicians, oncologists, internists, family physicians, emergency nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and policy makers as well as pre and postgraduate trainees. 076b4e4f54


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